A Real Nightmare

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After Willa finds an old book in her attic she starts to get nightmares, but what happens when her reality becomes a nightmare come true?

Adventure / Fantasy
Gamer Girl
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An Old Book Seals My Fate

"Hey Willa look!" Zeke calls from the other side of the attic. He had found an old black top hat and put it on, doing a little dance. His neon blue hair swaying, and he had the goofiest grin.

"Oh that's priceless!" Max starts recording.

"Delete that," Zeke points at Max threateningly.


"Why not."

"Blackmail," Max smirks while Zeke's face goes from angry to terrified.

"You guys are dorks," I shake my head at their antics.

"You know you love us," Zeke laughs.

"Do I though," I question.

"Oof man," Max chuckles, "she got you good."

Zeke rolls his eyes and gets back to rummaging through things. I turn to go back to work and a book catches my eye.

"Hey guys," I catch their attention, "chack this out."

I hold up the old book. The cover was leather, as well as the bindings, in gold letters it said 'Elven Magic For Beginners', the pages were yellow and brittle. I open it and start reading it perfectly. It takes a minute to realize that it's not written in English however.

"Dude," Max looks over my shoulders.

"Why am I able to read this?" I motion to the strange letters and words.

"I mean," Zeke looks away, "you do have elf ears..."

"Shut it Ezekiel," I give him the death glare, his eyes wide from me using his full first name. I glance down at the book and notice a triangle symbol:Δ.

"Hey isn't that the symbol of Daedalus?" Max points at it.

"How did you know that?" I look at him.

"I've read Percy Jackson!" He states proudly.

"Just because you read Percy Jackson doesn't mean you know everything there is to know about greek mythology," I roll my eyes.

"That doesn't mean I know nothing about greek mythology," he sticks his tongue out at me.

"Dork," I roll my eyes again.

"Keep rolling your eyes and they'll fall out," an older voice comes from the stairs.

"Grandma!" Zeke and I run up to her.

"Oh my," she gulped.

"What's wrong?" Zeke asked.

"I thought I had gotten rid of that book a long time ago," she points to it, "now that you have it I suppose I should let you in on a little family secret."

Max covered his ears.

"You listen to Max," Grandma gently pulled his hands down.

"A long, long time ago, my great grandmother made a deal with the gods," she began, "she was very weak, she had not eaten in days. One goddess took pity on her, Hecate, she granted her wonderful gifts, and made every woman in our family elves, in exchange, she worshipped Hecate."

"Wait so does that mean Willa is an elf," Zeke snickered.

"Yes," Grandma smiled, "and it also means she has magic in her blood."

"What kind of magic?" I glare at Zeke.

"You can do any spell in that book," she points at the old leather book.

"Why would you try and get rid of it?" Max pipes up.

"To protect my family," Grandma shivers, "there are evil forces in this world, and they will stop at nothing to get that book."

"So now that we've found it," Zeke glanced at me with a worried expression, "we're in danger."

"Unfortunately," Grandma starts coughing.

"GRANDMA!" I shout, making sure I catch her before she falls.

"DAD!" Zeke shouts down the stairs. When our father gets up here it's to late, Grandma was barely breathing.

"Oh the paramedics will never get here in time," Dad's gravelly voice sounded guilty.

"No," I cover my mouth, and look at Zeke, "no no no no no!"

Zeke pulls me into a tight hug. I grip his blue hoodie like he's going to be next. He rubs calming circles into my back as I hear dad end his call with 911. I feel another pair of arms wrap around us, I look up and see Max smile sadly.

"It was her time," Max sniffled, he loved her just as much as we did.

"Right after we doomed ourselves too," Zeke half jokes to lighten the mood, earning a sad chuckle from Max and me.

"Right after we doomed ourselves," I repeat.

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