A Real Nightmare

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If A Nightmare Is Telling You Something, Listen

"What do you want Molly?" A silver haired girl with leathery wings and white shiny fangs hissed at a brown haired girl with a scorpion tail and leathery wings.

"The book has been found," Molly played with a bit of silver haired girl's hair.

"Ssssso what," a girl with snake hair hissed.

"We can finish what our parents started!" Molly exclaimed.

"I'm out," a girl made of solid gold shook her head.

"No your not Marigold," Molly growled, "and neither are the rest of you."

"Or what?" A brown haired girl with a short fuzzy tail clenched her teeth.

"Well," Molly snapped her tail like a whip, "I would hate to hurt a friend."

The way she said friend dripped with venom.

"Fine," the silver haired girl growled, "just get me out of these chains!"

She lifted her hands to reveal she was chained to the floor. With a quick crack of her tail, Molly cut all of them free.

"I knew you wouldn't let me down Haily," Molly grinned wickedly.

"What do we do," Marigold spoke.

Kill her," she magically showed an image of me."

A Walkssssster?" The snake haired girl hissed.

"Yes Medillia," The brown haired girl snapped, "that book is a family heirloom!"

"Don't get sssssmart with me Cali," Madillia hissed.

"Wake up!" I'm shaken awake by none other than Zeke. I look at the clock, 6:00, it's too early for this.

"What?" I grumble.

"You were screaming," he whispered.

"It was nothing," I lie, not thinking the dream was serious.

"Ok..." He was skeptical.

"Really, I'm fine, go back to bed," I assure him.

"Fine, fine," he gets up and walks across the hall to his room.

"It was just a nightmare," I whisper to myself and fall back to sleep.

I wake up to light streaming through my window. My clock read 9:00, so I sit up and yawn. Once I finally crawl out of bed, I put on a powder pink belly shirt and jeans shorts. I walk to the bathroom and brush my messy blonde hair, making sure to get all the tangles. When I finished I go downstairs to see Zeke and Max hanging out.

"Hey guys," I wave at the two.

"Yo," Max raised two fingers.

"Hey I found this really cool trail behind our house," Zeke points with his thumb, "we could go exploring!"

"Sure," I shrug.

"Why not," Max looks at me.

After breakfast we started walking down the trail. Then I heard crying. I run towards it, the boys trailing after me.

"Hey are you ok?" I shout before I notice that this is one of the girls from my dream.

"Just fine," she wipes her tears and laughs maniacly. She runs at me and pins me to the ground.

"What do you want from me?" I think I remember her name to be Marigold.

"I want that book!" The golden girl shouts at me.

"It's not on me!" I try to push her off.

"You have one week girly," she gets off me and runs the opposite direction.

"Guys," I look over at Zeke and Max.

"Yeah?" Zeke looks around cautiously.

"I think my dream, well nightmare," I make eye contact with the two, "was actually a vision."

"What?" Max looks confused.

"I had a nightmare last night," I speak slowly, "she was in it, we are in danger!"

"She's the evil your grandma warned us about," Max whispered.

"No," I shake my head, "she's only a small part of it."

"We're screwed then!" Zeke laughs sadly.

"Not if we learn to fight," Max's eyes grow wide in hope.

"I can learn those spells," I shout.

"And we can fight with knives!" Zeke exclaims.

"How about swords," Dad walks out of the woods and into the clearing we were in.

"We have swords," Zeke gets excited.

"You have one sword for each boy," Dad states, "and a trainer."

"We may just make it out alive," I smile.

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