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Hello everybody I'm a new writer and this is my first story I hope you like it. I will try to post a new chapter every week or two. Follow Hagen a young Xorian through his journey of becoming a hero.

Adventure / Fantasy
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A little history

Ekon look down at his hands, making them into fist as if that would make his powers appear. He stood there amongst his compatriots in sorrow. As those around him received their gifts. Their families coming over to greet them for this momentous achievement.

In the 15th year of every child in Xoriea there is a day called Spora where they are to stand before the trees of Zen on the Mount of Change, and await the awakening of power inside them. There would be no awakening for Ekon. Ekon looked out into the crowd of families to find his own, but only saw their backs as they left the Mount of Change. Knowing in is heart that he had greatly disappointed them. Ekon could not let this stand, there must be a way he thought. There just must be. He would talk to the council. They wouldn’t let a child from one of the most prominent families within Xoriea to fall to the position of being just a Seer’e. Yes the council they would help, Ekon would not be left on his own. There must be some way to become a warrior of Xoriea. Later that day Ekon met the council members of Xoriea. There exchange went like this

Ekon: Council Members I have gathered you here to ask for your help. I feel like a great injustice was done.

CM Karf: What injustice are you speaking of. Nothing that happened on the mount of change today seemed unjust.

Ekon: The unjust act was I Ekon Rendfer did not have an awakening of Zen. I come from the most skilled warrior family in all of Xoriea. My mother and father have saved the lives of some of you very council members. There must be a way that I can achieve the awakening. This is owed to me.

CM Tram: Do you feel you deserved special treatment from us, because of accomplishments of your family members, none of which are your own. I feel my you are mistaken.

CM Huod: The day of Spora is a day, which the chosen are chosen. No mistake was made you simply were not chosen.

Ekon: So am I to become a Seer’e A person who makes tools for those who go out and fight. I’ve spent my who life in preparation for this day, not to just have nothing come out of it.

CM Tram: A Seer’e is nothing to scoff at; they do more then just make tools. I suggest you come to terms with the fact that you are not to become a warrior of Xoriea, and a Seer’e if you so choose.

The blood inside young Ekon boiled furiously. He could not believe that they would treat him in such a manor. Him a Rendfer. Ekon left the council members building and began the lonely walk home. How could he face them he was a failure. The Rendfer family was one of the most decorated of families in all of Xoriea. Known for their skill and ability. Victors of many squabbles and squirmishes that Xoriea went through over the years. Both his mother and father are squadron leaders. He already knew they felt he had brought shame on the family name, when he saw their backs on the mount of change. Unable to look upon his failure. Lost in thought Ekon did not notice when he bumped into Council member Daan. He was a junior member. New, progressive thinking.

CM Daan: Young Rendfer I heard about what occurred on the mount of change I am sorry, I feel that the council members way of doing things is old and out of touch. Why not study the trees and see what gives them there power, so our most skilled people could achieve power. I mean you a Rendfer that training you must of done, the things you must of studied. I mean I see no one better equipped to receive the gifts of Zen. It’s a shame really.

Ekon: You should have been on the board of council members, maybe through you they would of saw reason. I would do anything to become a warrior of Xoriea.

In addition to council members Daan being one of the youngest members he was ever so ambitious. Looking for ways to increase his influence and power. One way he wanted to do this was to study the trees of Zen, and find out what properties inside them give them their power. He would steal one of the trees seeds himself, but being caught interfering with the trees meant death. Seeing how young Rendfer was so determined, he would use him to accomplish his goal.

CM Daan: Perhaps young Rendfer you could extricate one of the Zen trees seeds so it can be study in depth.

Ekon: How would I do that, penalty for messing around with the trees is death?

CM Daan: Now I thought you said you would do anything to receive abilities.

Ekon: Yes I did but…

CM Daan: Well here an opportunity presenting itself. Without risks young render lofty goals would never be reached. I will manage it so that there there will be ample time for you to sneak onto the mount of change and take a seed.

Ekon: How will you manage that?

CM Daan: Do not worry yourself on that matter, just meet me at the base of the mount of change at midnight. Everything will be prepared by then.

With that the council members Daan departed from Ekon. Later that night the two met at the base of the mount of change. Council member Daan gave Ekon a medium sized dagger with a large blade attached to the hilt. There was a symbol in the middle of the hilt it looked like a U with an arrow going through.

Ekon: How am I to cut into the tree with this. Zen bark is as hard as steel. There's no way this will work.

CM Daan: The blade I gave you is specially developed for this task. Press the symbol on the middle. Of the hilt the blade will heat up to an intense heat that will cut through anything. Zen bark included.

Ekon: How do you know that for sure. Where am I even to cut to find a seed.

Ekon stood there for a moment looking at the blade council member Daan had handed to him, wondering if this was what he really wanted. Daan noticing young Ekon commitment waning let out a sigh as he approached Ekon and placed his hand on his shoulder and held out his hand

CM Daan: Give me the blade young Rendfer, it's okay if your not ready for this task. Not everyone is built for greatness. I thought I saw a burning passion within you. I thought I saw a warrior.

Ekon clutched the dagger tight, a determined expression burned on his face. Pushing away Daan hand on his should

Ekon: How am I to get pass the gauds.

CM Daan: I am in charge of assigning the guards to their posts in Xoriea I made sure to schedule the guard’s replacements far apart, so there will be time for you to enter. When you reach the trees cut away at the base this is where the tree seeds are located.

Ekon held the dagger even tighter, a sense of anticipation grew inside of him. Daan would able to figure out how the power of the trees work with these seeds; he would get his powers and show everyone what a real warrior is. With that Ekon left, and returned to the mount of change at the agreed upon time between him and Daan.

Like council member Daan said there were no guards at the entryway passage towards the Zen trees. Ekon began his assent to the top of the mountain to complete his task. Their Ekon pulled out the blade that council member Daan had given him. He crept towards the tree last in the row of the trees. He pulled out the blade and pressed down on the symbol. The blade edges lit up with a bright red orange hue, a strong heat coming off the blades. Ekon had never seen a tool like this before.

He had wondered where Daan could of gotten it, but he pushed those thoughts out of his mind. He was here to fulfill his greatness. Ekon began cutting into the tree, even with the super heated blade, cutting the bark of the tree was extremely difficult. As the dagger cut into the bark Ekon notice the blade was deteriorating as it cut. Ekon hoped the dagger would last him until he cut through to the seeds. When he finally reached the seeds the blade of the dagger completely disintegrated leaving just the hilt.

Ekon saw the seeds that layed within, The seeds were encased in a translucent sack. Their was five small boulder shaped seeds within sac they glowed a red yellow and were almost translucent. Ekon reached in to grab one of the seeds, but as he tried to pull out one he notice there was a small wire shaped tethering them all together connecting all the seeds together.

Ekon put his hands back inside the tree; the seeds were cold and a bit damp. Ekon began pulling at the seeds but there were being held by a root attached to the tree. Ekon didn’t have much time left until the replacement guards would be returning to their post soon. With all his strength he pulled at the seeds. With a thud Ekon landed hard on his ass with the cluster of seeds clutched in his hands. He did it, he got the seeds. Ekon joy was short lived as soon as Ekon removed the seeds a blast of air emanated from the tree and sent a shockwave through Xoriea.

The tree then shriveled up its leaves wilted, a black and red drudge oozed from it. Ekon had done more then just pulled the seeds from the tree he pulled its heart.

It was time for Ekon to leave. He got about half way down the pathway leading out of the mountain when he heard the guards coming up the path until someone grabbed him. It was council member Daan. Daan held his fingers to his lips and motioned Ekon to be quiet. Daan pulled Ekon into a nearby bush along the path. There they waited. The guards came rushing by, after the guards pass by them Council member Daan hurried Ekon and himself down the path.

Ekon: What are we to do? The tree is dead. That means certain death for sure. You never mention the tree would die if the seeds were removed.

CM Daan: I did not know that would occur, but this is an interesting turn of events.

Ekon: Interesting! Are you crazy! What are we going to do? If they realize that I'm the one who removed the seeds from the tree, and caused it death. I will tell them that I wasn’t alone in this venture.

CM Daan: I remember you telling me that you would do anything to receive you’re abilities did you not. So stop acting like a coward and listen to me.

Ekon: So what are we going to do?

CM Daan: First you leave Xoriea, and take the seeds with you. There is a facility beyond Xoriea that I have prepared. It’s used to study advances in technology, weaponry and biological upgrades. You will stay there.

Ekon: If I leave Xoriea they will surely know for sure that I was the one who stole the seeds and killed the tretree.

CM Daan: If you stay, they will eventually figure out that you are the culprit behind this. Young Rendfer this is your chance to become powerful.

Ekon looked down at the glowing seeds, his heart beating so hard his ears buzzed. He looked back at council member Daan.

Ekon: In all of this you never told me what you get out of this.

Cm Daan: Knowledge, that’s all I wanted.

Ekon: Fine I will leave Xoriea for this facility.

With that Ekon left Xoriea with the seeds, for council member Daan’s facility, but knowledge wasn’t the only thing council member Daan wanted. No he wanted much more then that and the young Rendfer will help attain it; unwittingly of course. All of that occurred more then 50 years ago. The demise of one of the trees was a great tragedy. Xoriea powers among other nations were weakened by that loss. More and more enemies tried to overtake them. Even with that loss Xoriea kept up with tradition. The day of Spora continued. That brings us to our current day of Spora and the new prospective warriors of Xoriea.

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