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Rudah promised to find her father after finding out she had one and was taken away by her grandmother into the immortal realms in order to seek her out because of the power she posses According to the prophecy Know to every Supernatural that queenmother of both the Witches and warlock, her daughter the princess will be chosen by the gods to give birth to the ruler of all supernatural along with her twin But of course no one Believe because of how weak the witch princess was until she was born

Becca sam
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Chapter 1

" Rudah come on wake up " anne said. i groan and turn around, put my pillow over my head trying to avoid her and she sigh knowing that i won't budge especially when am enjoying my sleep.

after some few seconds i heard some noise but didn't care until a burning light course me to wake up " what the hell " i turn around to were the ligth is coming from. there anne standing by the window side while holding the Cuttain, there that was were the light is coming from.

" i thought you won't wake up " she said with a big grin on her face while i just glare at her making my way to the bathroom do my morning rotine which is to bath and prepare for school.

" i can't believe that today will be the last day of school " i say to her while coming out of the bathroom fully clothed in an off Shoulder white croptop and blue jeans with a pair of black vans, i walk up to my mirror to put on some make up am not really a make up fan like anne God that is just so obsesses with make up.

" yeah i also can't believe in just a few hours we'll be done with school " she said while sighing

" hmmm am done " i said to her while getting my backpack

"finally you are done i was thinking you had use the whole day and you look hot bea as always " she said with a smile on her face

" and u too " truly anne has the most perfect body she is tall, have a sandy hair , chocolate brown eyes with a beautiful love shape face and a sexy tan skin body and me am hot as hell have a beautiful bady face which i adore the most , green-blue eyes and a nice curvy shape white skin , straight nose , plump lips , white long hair just like snow.

We made our way to shcool in no less than 5 minutes in my ferrari that my mom gifted to me when i turned eighteen, mom is an independent woman who raised four kids all on her and she is so rich at times i asked her that what is she doing she will just it business and i shouldn't ask her again.

" ah finally you've arrived " someone said as soon as i and anne came out of the car i turn around knowing to well who it belong to there my twin brother rudolph who look almost like me except he has a creamy skin and a blue eye mom said he like dad mom's word not because we never knew him i look like my mom though except for the eyes hers is green.

Everyone in my family has either blue or green am the only one with both always thought i was Weried but it because am special and started believing it because of it i met anne beat the kid that bully while we were little and we became friends since then.

"mom said i should give you this lunch since she knew you won't wake up early to eat your breakfast " handing me the box which held my food and turn around to his group.

Me and anne made our inside the shcool hall making our way to our lockers hers is just beside mine

" so i will see you then " she said and i gave her a nod and turn to make way to class

After what felt like hours school was finally over. I made my way to the school parking space and anne was already waiting for me . When she saw me squealed and i chuckled because i know she is just as excited as i am to go home

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