Heart of Gold

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Ariene was once a jealous and greedy girl with a hate for her innocent twin sister Alaina. One day after killing her twin out jealousy. She is cursed by a witch to have her face hidden underneath her face which can never be removed. 10 years later, she had left her home to become an Assassin. Killing people for money to support herself. She one day learns of the legend the Virgo Beast - a creature that can break curses - she soon sees this as a glorious opportunity to break her own curse But.. What problems await ariene in her dangerous journey? Can she break her curse and confront her inner demons?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 (10 years earlier)

Ariene's POV:

My coat has become even more ragged and worn out. Damn it, it's to tight but maybe if I can some how convince my worthless twin Alaina into somehow giving her silver peices to me, I could buy a new coat from the market place.

Winter is nearing and the winds are coming back with even more force than usual. I hate winters I have to spend most of my time in our run down stone house with my family. There wouldn't be a day where I wouldn't dream of leaving this town. To go somewhere where my life could seem to be noticed more.

"Ariene I need you here now" my mother calls with her hoarse voice. She's been sick but thanks to the herbs father brought, she's getting better but I didn't really bother. I rushed down the stairs and came near the fireplace where mother was sitting with a bowl of soup in her hands."darling,could you please give me the spoon, I forget about it"

Do my ears deceive me? Was she asking me to get the wooden spoon which was right on the table, no more than two seconds away? Why the fuck is she so lazy?! Even if she's sick she can still walk, yet she seems to favor Alaina more than me. Everyone loves Alaina so damn much! Why do people not notice me? I try so hard to fit in yet they never give a shit."fine" Imumble under my breath. Mother nods her head and takes the spoon from my hand and turns back to the fireplace ignoring me while drinking her soup.

Before I could walk back to the room which I unfortunately share with my family, the door softly opens but it was loud enough to hear.

"hi guys, I went to the market to pick some herbs for you mother"

I roll my eyes to the heavens, Alaina is always trying to please everyone. She walks towards the chair and sits down while removing the herbs from her stupid little basket.

"Aw, thank you Alaina dear, you shouldn't have" mother responds with sad smile.

I'm forced to share everything with Alaina and I hate it. The only privacy I have are my thoughts, thank the gods no one is a mind reader here. Everyone says Alaina is the rose to all thorns, the helper to all helpless and all the other bullshit!

One day, one glorious day, she will be gone forever and I'd gladly forget her. Whenever I say I want something it's given to Alaina. 'Even though we are poor and don't have everything we want, we have everything we need and we have eachother'. Alaina's worthless quote.

But my thoughts are inturupted when Alaina taps my shoulder with a shy smile.

"hey I thought if we could spend the day together, we could go out and greet everyone or we could do something you want to do"

I look at her with shocked eyes like never before, now of all days she asks me now?

But before I could say no mother beats me to it." that sounds like a wonderful idea, you two don't spend time with each other and I suggest you get your asses out of the house and do chores, hm? Wouldn't that be best?" mother gives a smirk. I glare at her while Alaina pouts at mother. Bitch.

"come on mother, we do chores everyday and I think that both of us should have a twin bonding time today, don't you think ariene?"

She's got to be kidding, I hate her and she wants us to have fun and bond. Manipulative bitch, I want to say no but either way, mother will kick my ass out of the house."fine" I mumble under my breath, mentally scowling at Alaina and mother. If I had and opportunity to get rid of alaina, I'd do it in a heartbeat without looking back.

"yes I'm truly happy ariene, I hope we have fun today" she embraces me in hug and I quickly get out of her grip

Mother is dozing in her armchair while I head up to our room to find something to wear.






Me and Alaina are strolling through the market looking at everyone and everything but that's when a crimson coat catches my eye.

I walk to its clothe stall and ask the stall woman " how much is that coat?"

I point to the crimson coat that's even more admirable up close." 20 pieces of gold" the woman replies with a sinister smirk. I stare at her flabberghasted by what she just said. 20 pieces of Gold or more are enough for a king or queen to buy anything.

But if this coat cost this much of gold, it was obvious this bitch was trying to cheat everyone here. I studied her with a side glance. She wore a dark green tunic with silver linings near the ends of the tunic. She also wore knee length hunting boots as well as a silver bracelet.

"what are you looking at peasant?" the woman looked at me with an amused grin and raised eyebrow. "jealous much?"

I turn directly in her direction and glare at her feircly. How dare she call me peasant, my clothes are fine enough. "watch how you talk to me!" I threaten her with a low tone so I don't cause a scene in the market. "or what, are you going to execute me your highness" she chuckles while bowing in a mocking way.

But before I could respond, the person I forgot about takes my side. "hi miss, I'm sorry but please don't mock my sister. She was just looking for something to buy" Alaina, my bitch of a sister defends me. She's to polite, she knows I can fight my own battles yet she takes up for me like I'm some weak kitten she needs to aid.

"whatever just leave, your blocking the way of my stall" the woman scoffs and crosses her arms and then turning her face away from us to look at a group of men coming our way but deep in their conversation.

I don't recognize any of them except the one in the middle. Tobias blackwell

He's the most hottest guy in our town and I've loved him since I was seven years old. He really is beautiful in whatever emotion he shows. Sometimes I go out into town and follow him, watching him from a safe distance. Everyone would say I'm stalking him if I told anyone but I can't help it and besides, I'm not the only girl who watches him.

He and his friends come our way and then he looks at me with a smile on his face. My face is probably red now as he excuses himself from his friends and walks my way.

This isn't a dream. This isn't a dream.

I repeat my words again and again.

He's almost near me, but instead he walks past me. I turn around to find him talking to Alaina."hey Alaina, you look good I haven't seen you in a while since our last hangout" he says with a sweet smile as well as scratching the back of his neck with his hand.

lnstead of staring at the Greek god in front of me, I stare at Alaina. She's been seeing Tobias all this time behind my back? I blinked back my tears but instead they forced through my eyes and shed down my cheeks. I turned away from them, navigating my way home. Trying to find a sense of comfort for what I just found out. I've always loved him and I remember in school how I used to try and help him. How I would try and speak to him and he only saw me as another girl Obssessed with him.

As I tried to walk home, someone caught my hand and it was Alaina.

"hey Tobias I'd like you to meet my twin sister ariene"

I turn around to meet tobias' gaze on me as he smiles sweetly."I know her Alaina I used to see her in school" Tobias replies. I look at him, gazing into his beautiful deep blue eyes. I look at his messy blonde hair, I want to ruffle it so bad but, Alaina...

Took the man I loved!


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