The Blazing Diaries: The Phoenix's Ashes

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A strange girl joins The Blazing Warriors and they go on a journey to find her past. How much trouble will they get into? Who is this girl? How many questions will get answered? The Blazing Diaries: Book 1

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The Blazing Warriors

Someone's Point Of View (Far, Far In The Future)

"Everyone thinks the Blazing Warriors were a team of amazing, undefeatable warriors but they're actually just a bunch of outcasts and people who couldn't go back." "Back to where?" "We'll answer that later. Right now you'll learn about the Blazing Warriors so you can prepare yourself."

"First, we have their leader, Garnet the Thunder Bow. She tries her best to keep the team together until they "reach the end goal." No one knows what the end goal is, but they'll "know it when they find it." Or at least, that's what they were told. Garnet is kindhearted, courageous and shy at the same time. She's weak when it comes to emotions. Playing with her heart is easy. Her weapon of choice is a bow and magic arrows (normally enchanted with thunder or lightning). She has blue eyes, peach skin, and blonde hair that is always in a ponytail. When Garnet isn't wearing armor she wears a white short sleeve shirt, a blue sweater, dark blue pants, and white sneakers."

"Laurence the Dragon Helm. He and Garnet are best friends. He had a pet dragon, well, he considered the dragon, Ungrith, a friend. Ungrith died the day the Blazing Warriors were formed. Ungrith gave Laurence a rare dragon scale before dying. The scale is attached to Laurence's helmet. Laurence is a casanova with a good heart. He's a hothead and bold but not stupid, which is rare. He has tan skin, light blue eyes, and light brown skin. He wears a white long sleeve shirt, a dark green sweater, black pants, and brown sneakers."

"Travis the Demon Keeper. He-"

"Blah, blah, blah, half demon warlock half human, blah, blah, blah, demon form is grey skin and purple eyes, blah, blah, blah doesn't dabble in magic."

"Do you know what he looks like in human form?" He didn't answer.

"White hair, peach skin, and (I'm sure you'll be interested in this) emerald eyes."

He let out a small chuckle.

"Lucinda the Silver Stare. She's half witch, many people want her dead because of that. Lucinda tries to show people that not all witches are bad. She can be a jokester and hold a grudge. She can get an enemy to back down just with her stare. Literally. If her eyes turn silver and she stares at you, you'll become defenseless. Make sure you attack the others without her near. She has peach skin, red eyes, and wavy ginger hair. She wears a dark purple dress, black knee-high boots, and has a silver staff with an orange sphere."

"Katelyn the Diamond Fists. Her weapon of choice is gloves with claws made of diamond. She's also a hothead. She-"

"I remember Katelyn. She's the one with blue hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Blue sweater, tan pants, brown boots."

"I swear I've seen her eyes flicker emerald green. Did you-"

He glared at me. So I moved on.

"Aaron the Dark Heart. He's a loner trying to open up. He might be able to see your intentions. He's a skilled fighter and better than the others. After all the stuff he's been through he won't trust anyone easily. He would sacrifice himself if it meant the world would become a better place. I don't have a lot to say about him, he didn't talk to me or anyone. He has tan skin, black hair, and black eyes. He normally wears all black.”

"Laurence and Aaron killed my brother. When you attack the Blazing Warriors, make sure you bring them here. Alive." I told !$?. "I think you're forgetting something." He chuckled. He started reaching for a nearby sword. "W-what are y-you d-doing?" I stuttered. I knew where this was going, but I couldn't move. I didn't have to move or be scared. When !$? grabbed the sword, something else hit me in the side. An arrow? A fire ball? I couldn't tell. My vision went blurry and everything hurt. I fell to the ground. "You don't make the rules." !$? told me. Whatever attacked me was wearing a robe with shades of red and orange, almost like a phoenix. "And you," The robed figure turned towards !$?. "Don't do the killing." Then it all went black. I don’t think I’ll come back this time...

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