The Blazing Diaries: The Phoenix's Ashes

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A Girl In The Forest

Aaron’s Point Of View

“They’ll realize I’m not useless.” I told myself. I was walking towards the village Phoenix Drop. The Blazing Warriors were still somewhere in the Enchanted Forest. I’m the only one who can get around the forest without getting lost. Despite being far from the others, I could hear the fight. I heard Garnet trying to make a plan. I heard Katelyn and Lucinda arguing. I heard Travis fighting in his demon form. I heard Laurance getting annoyed and angry.

"They'll die without me." I said, for a moment I felt like I should go back. Then I remembered. "They'll die without the gem I possess." I corrected myself. I was the one that everyone hated, until they actually need me. I was the one no one knew existed until my gem is brought up.

I started to wander around and let fate guide me for once. I saw the roses and lilies, the birds and strays, the dead leaves and the ones with families... This is why I don't let my mind wander.

While walking around the forest, I came upon a clearing. The Enchanted Forest barely has any clearings that people are allowed to find. I approached the clearing. Then, I realized a girl was lying on the grass. She looked like she died or maybe she just fainted. I approached the girl cautiously. She could be a threat.

I realized the girl had scars on her face and her dress seemed to be a little burnt, but at the same time, the girl was soaked. She had raven hair and tan skin. She wasn't wearing shoes. She started moving, as if she was having a bad dream. I kneeled next to her and tried to calm her. "It's okay, I won't hurt you." I said gently. I've been told my voice was naturally calming. "Help-" The girl said something, but stopped. It was as if something cut her off.

Garnet's Point Of View

Me and Laurence were walking around in the Enchanted Forest. "Where the hell are they!?" Laurence asked. He was annoyed. Aaron walked away from the group mid-battle. No one noticed until we needed him. We sent Travis to go get him, but neither of them have returned. Anything could have happened to them. I would have left on my own, but Laurence insisted he should go with me.

"Calm down, Laurence. Save you anger for the Octowolf." I said. (The Octowolf was half octopus & half wolf.) Laurence seemed different after the Blazing Warriors were formed. He seemed more impatient and hotheaded, but I never asked him about it. "Why did Aaron leave?! He left mid-battle!" Laurence said. "The real question is why he and Travis haven't returned." I told Laurence.

"Also, don't attack him this time." I told Laurence. "No promises." He responded. "You're hopeless." I sighed. "You are too." We started to laugh. Then we came upon a clearing.

"Shh! There's someone there." Laurence told me. "Don't do anything stupid." I whispered. Despite my warning, Laurence pulled out his sword. I shot at Aaron. I knew he would dodge it, but I didn't know if he would dodge a sword. It was a warning.

Aaron dodged the arrow. Laurence charged at him. Laurence's sword was lifting Aaron's head, but he was unflinching. "Your form is terrible." Aaron said. "I could cut your head off right now!" Laurence said. He was trying to hold back his anger. "Both of you, save your anger for the Octowolf!" I said.

Laurence's Point Of View

You can call my actions rash, but I don't care. Aaron always leaves when we're mid-battle! That is just as stupid! Ugh! My mind gets flooded with anger easily, it's getting annoying and... I don't know if I can explain why.

Then, I realized Aaron was holding a beautiful girl. She looked hurt. I didn't want to hurt her, but I didn't want Aaron thinking running off mid-battle is okay either. "Did you hurt her?!" I asked. "Why would I?" He replied. "To cause chaos, accident, many reasons." I said. I believed it was to cause chaos. "Well, I didn't hurt her." Aaron said.

Suddenly, we heard a noise. It came from the trees.

Me and Garnet readied our weapons, Aaron protected the girl. He seemed attached to her, even though he claims they just met.

Someone fell out of the tree. It was Travis the Demon Keeper.

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