A Long Journey

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The Long Journey

Ones up on a time their are two sisters live with their grandparents. The reason why they live with their grandmother and grandfather, it’s because their parent killed by some one when they are at the age of 12 and the other one is 13 years old . What a hard time for this two children growing up without their parent. It’s hard for them to just sit and wait until the police find the killer. Both of them doesn’t hear any news about their parent killer, so they both think to just go and find their by them self. But they both don’t know how!! One night while they sit and eat their dinner with their grandparents the room that they both sleep give some weird sound for their ear. When both tell their grandparents and when to their bed to sleep and they see a paper on their bed. They both shacked for a minute and try to read what’s on the paper. The paper said that “ if you want to know who was kill your parent came and fined me the address was on the bottom of the line”. It’s a good news for both of them, but they both a little bit surprised. So the 13 years old girl Emma said that” I can go and find this person but you promise me not to go any where and not to tell anyone. But Alexa didn’t say anything, for she don’t went her sister killed too. But after a minute Alexa said that “ I am going with you or if you don’t want me to cam with you I can go and tell the police. Emma doesn’t want the police know about this.

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