Apostle part - 1

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My name is James Roddy. I was a cool kid going to school, getting average marks but one week ago my whole life changed when I met a stranger.

Adventure / Action
Paras Sharma
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Hi, my name is James Roddy. I am in class 10 and I study in Riverdale High School. I am a cool kid and I get average marks. But, one week before, my whole life changed. So, I know that you all are eager to listen to my story so here it goes.

I was walking home from school. It was Monday and it was really hot. The birds were chirping as if enjoying the weather. A soft breeze was also blowing, cooling the weather. On both of my sides were fields of golden yellow corn. The corn were dancing in the breeze. Ahead of me was a field and the grass in the field was also dancing. The leaves fallen from the trees were rustling. Yes, Riverdale was a cool place.

I was still thinking of Riverdale when a stranger came towards me. He wore a black coat, a black tie and black trousers. He was all black. He approached to me and asked,

"What is your name kid? "

"My name is James Roddy. " I answered softly and puzzled.

"I came here to recruit you for a job. " he said in a low, husky and confident voice.

"Which job?", I asked in hesitation and "Who are you?, How can I come with you? How can I trust you? I mean... you are a stranger to me?" And then I bombarded him with tons of questions...when I paused.. He smiled at me and said in a very friendly tone...ok.. okay.. " I can understand your concern but trust me this is a perfect job for you. I have chosen you for this work based on... and then he said.. forget about it.... you can always say no, if you don't like the job...I will tell you all the details about the job once we reach our destination. "

I was baffled with an idea of accepting the job and took a few minutes to decide and then I said.."Okay..I am coming. " I still cannot believe that I said ok to something I don't know.

I was suspicious but I followed the stranger. The stranger led the path and I followed him. He led me through alleys and passageways till we reached an apartment I had never seen.

"Where are we? " I asked.

"We are in my personal office. I am actually busy. You go inside and enter the room, which is shining. I will meet you soon. "

"Ok. " I answered and entered the apartment.

The apartment was old and dark. There was not a soul in there but I saw a room which was shining. I headed towards the room. As soon as I entered the room, I was being sucked inside by something. I wanted to yell but didn't get the time.

I opened my eyes and saw myself in front of a five- story building. I was lying on the grass. I sat up and blinked. Where was I? I scanned the horizon but nothing seemed familiar to me. Then I remembered how I had followed the stranger and ended up here. Suddenly, I heard movement behind me and I turned and found the stranger there.

"Where am I? " I asked.

"You are standing in front of a building called ATLAS. This world is called Apostle. I am the head of ATLAS, Pan Rollins. ATLAS is an organization, which fights bad people. You are in the 30th century. DON'T WORRY; WHEN A PERSON COMES HERE, THE TIME IN HIS CENTURY FREEZES. I WANT YOU TO CAPTURE A PERSON CALLED JOHNNY, WHO WANTS TO MESS UP WITH TIME AND DESTROY THE WORLD. I WILL INTRODUCE YOU TO YOUR TWO NEW PARTNERS, REYNOLDS AND ANGELICA. "

"Hi partners. " I said.

"Hi. " both of them said.

"Ok, I am opening a portal which will take you to Seattle City Museum. You will find Johnny there in the time room. Good luck. " Pan Rollins said.

And after saying so a portal opened and we got sucked in the portal. AGAIN.

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