Fire In My Soul

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A weakling survives while a warrior thrives. Only question is, who's who?

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I'm Rescued By A Horse Man...

Crack. My head jolts to the direction the sound came from. When I see nothing I continue my walk through the woods.
About ten minutes later, I make it to a small clearing. I sit against a tree and pull out my sketch book. I flip past my many sketches, and open a blank page. I reach for the pocket of my jeans and realize that I had forgotten my pencil at home.
A sigh escapes my lips as I realized I have nothing to do now. I can't exactly go home at the moment because my step dad is drunk and I don't feel like cleaning his puke again. So I close my eyes and listen to the sound of nature.
Crack! My eyes snap open to come face to face with a wolf. It's fur was pitch black, and it's teeth covered in blood. My eyes widen when I realize what's happening. I close my eyes and wait for it to bite. But the only thing that comes is a whimper. I slowly open my eyes to look at a man, well, half man, his bottom half was horse.
"Who-who are you?" I curse myself for stuttering.
"I am Chiron," he holds out a hand, "nice to meet you Nicole."
"How do you know my name?" My voice was full of alarm.
"Oh, because I'm quite close to your father," he smiles, "and I know your mother too."
"Wait you know my dad?" The alarm in my voice turns to curiosity.
"Oh yes," he nods, "we are quite similar in fact."
"Can you take me to him?" I inquire.
"Not at the moment," he holds out a hand, "but I do need to take you somewhere."
I nod and grab his hand. He pulls me into his back and runs deeper into the woods, not stopping until we reach a cave.
"Mom?" I catch the attention of the black haired woman sitting down.
"My darling," she sniffled, her eyes red from crying.
"What's wrong?" Concern filled my voice.
"I'm sorry," she whispered, "but you must leave and go with Chiron."
"Why?" I look between them.
"It's for your safety child," he put a hand on my shoulder.
"My... safety?"
"Yes," my mother nods, "there is something about you that is different from the other people you know."
I look at my mom as if she's crazy.
"Your a demigod," my look morphs into one of confusion.
"Your the child of a Greek god," Chiron states calmly, "Hades to be specific."
"That," I slowly come to an understanding, "actually explains a lot."
My mother chuckles sadly, "Goodbye sweetie."
"Mom..." I still wasn't ready to go.
"It's for the best," Chiron put his hand on my shoulder.
"Bye," Chiron helps me hop onto his back again.
"Good bye Charlotte, I will take good care of Nicole," Chiron nods and runs off into the woods.
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