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Chapter #24 If it Looks Like a Kidnapping, and Sounds Like a Kidnapping...

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Princess Alisha escapes the chaos of the Vailstone kingdom with Wraith and Vincent, however, with her in tears someone may misunderstand the situation as a kidnapping in progress. Perhaps they should keep their guard up.

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Chapter 1

Seth slowly came to a stop in front of the Vailstone police department before taking a deep breath. He closed his eyes and recalled dark moments of the past, being ripped of his badge, the embarrassment of being cuffed and booked by his fellow officers, and the condescending look of judgment. He gasped as he returned to the present. Seth regained his nerves and placed his sword in the backseat. After turning off the car engine the black haired detective locked his car door and proceeded up the police department entrance stairs.

The entire department was all a frenzy. Officers rushing to the aid of the kingdom’s castle while others maintained peace in the panicked streets. Detective Notch walked through the glass doors calmy and passed the front counter. Seth began walking to a metal detector, which was mandatory for entering deeper into the police station. While all officers were being issued out for aid at the castle and to deter rioting on the streets, Seth quickly took advantage of the situation and rushed around the metal detector. He noticed a few staff members taking destress calls while he scanned the room, recalling a few familiar faces. The pale man hurried before being noticed and down a narrow hall before reaching a room full of old case files. Seth stood before the door and looked both directions to see if anybody was watching him before he swiftly entered the cold dusty room.

He hesitated from turning on a light as not to bring attention to his presence, so he pulled a small flashlight from his pocket and searched for a particular filing cabinet. He proceeded twelve steps in, through a labyrinth of documents, filing cabinets, and boxes of cold case files, until eventually it was before him, Seth’s old case files. He opened the filing cabinet and fiddled his fingers through the documents while holding his flashlight by his teeth. Seth finally stopped searching and withdrew a small stack of folders. He looked around before stuffing the folders inside his coat, shutting the cabinet door, and leaving the room quickly.

His heart began to race as he tried exiting the police station, but as fate would have it an old friend of Seth’s started running his direction and he had little time to avoid the meeting. Seth darted into the nearest room narrowly dodging the old friend. Seth exhaled heavily, a chance meeting like that would certainly ruin what he had planned. An old friend would know for certain that Seth didn’t belong in the police department. Seth lifted his head slightly and smiled with a tiny bit of relief.

A woman officer was washing her hands staring at Seth with curiosity, “You lost?”

Seth smirked embarrassingly, “I could have sworn this was tha men’s room.” he explained shrugging his shoulders and exiting the women’s restroom. The black haired man walked faster and passed the metal detector once more.

The female officer began drying off her hands before recalling, “Notch?” She hurried out of the restroom looking both ways for any sign of him, then decided to try the front entrance. She ran through the metal detector setting it off and approaching the front desk. “Nancy, did you see a white man with long black hair and a brown coat pass through here?!”

The older woman at the front desk, who was being overwhelmed with phone calls herself, sat up, “Yeah, he just walked out tha door a moment ago. Wasn’t he rushing to help?”

The female officer watched Seth’s car speed away, uncertain of his purpose for being there.........as did a spying yet patient masked swordsman.

On the other side of the kingdom Wade and Amanda finally arrived to Smith manor. The two entered Wade’s mansion, nervous and uncertain. The butler approached the two as they stood inside behind the closed door breathing heavily.

“Is everything alright, sir?” the butler asked with concern.

“You don’t watch a lot of T.V. do you?” Wade exhaled.

“No, sir. Can’t say that I do.” he paused. “Do you need anything?” he continued taking note of his and Amanda’s distress.

“I could use a drink.” Amanda and Wade replied simultaneously catching the butler off guard.

“Certainly, what would you prefer?”

“Anything!” the two continued answering at the same time.

As the butler walked away to obtain their drinks, Wade and Amanda slowly walked into a large living room filled with comfortable seating arrangements, a marvelous grand piano, an over sized wide screen television, and trophies placed all about the room ranging from acting awards, accomplishment awards, and women’s photos.

“What the hell happened back there?” Amanda further questioned.

“I don’t know. It’s like I told you in tha car, Raziel had that armor, the king freaked out on him, and the whole thing went bat shit crazy.”

“There’s gotta be more to it than just that.” she assumed.

Wade pulled out his cell phone and selected a name in his phone’s contacts list.

Amanda grabbed the remote for the television and turned it on to catch the news reports of the chaos at the kingdom’s castle. The first news station she came across was Vailstone Community News with none other V.C.N.’s Pip Gordan.

“As Vailstone enters such a severe crisis one can’t help but wonder if all of this is a result of some kind of alien mind control.”

Amanda changed the channel to another news station, “I don’t even know how that guy still has a job.” She turned her head looking at her friend, “Who are you calling?”

“I’m trying to get a hold of Gloria Humphrey.” he answered back realizing Amanda had no idea who he was speaking of by the puzzled look on her face. “Gloria? The sparkly red dress Gloria, some benefit for hungry people Gloria?” he noted trying to help jog his friend’s memory. “Ugh! Back of the limo on the highway in that traffic jam Gloria!”

“What? Wait, are you calling some chick for sex right NOW?!” Amanda pieced together.

“Yeah, I need to distract my mind from all of....that.” he motioned at the T.V. with his free hand.

“Well I could certainly use an escape right now too, but you don’t see me calling somebody for a hook-up!” she sniped.

“Is that an offer?” he asked.

“NO!” she answered raising her voice.

Both stopped squabbling and directed their attention to a random news broadcaster reporting the death of the king and queen.

Amanda gasped, “Oh my God.”

Wade finally got an answer on the other end of his cell phone, “Hey this is Wade. I need you to wear that red dress and come over.” he paused for the woman’s reply, “Okay, thanks.” he said before hanging up the phone and returning it to his pocket.

The reporter certainly snared both friend’s attention with her next startling message, “This just in,” she said pausing and placing her hand to her ear as the information was fed to her, “Prince Christian and Princess Alisha have gone missing, presumably kidnapped, eyewitnesses have given statements to police and kingdom officials stating the young royals were seen being taken against their will by young individuals with swords. These individuals were identified as part of the royal ceremonies today. Supposedly five of the special guests had a sword of their own, it is speculated that this was in fact an orchestrated event amongst the accused five and are considered armed and dangerous........I’ve just been told a sixth guest was suspiciously absent during the ordeal. A ransom note is speculated to present itself within the coming hours as well as a list of demands. Perhaps mercenaries? Revolutionaries? Or simple terrorism? For now, we sit in agonizing anticipation awaiting the ugly truth.”

The reporter listened intently to the news fed through her ear piece. “We’re being informed now that sources are working diligently to discover the names of the accused six and will soon be presenting us with photo identification, stay with us for more as this story develops.”

Amanda and Wade slowly looked at each other with great worry.

Deep within the forest surrounding the Vailstone castle Wraith carried the distraught princess with her smeared make-up and tear soaked top with Vincent leading the way. Wraith was confused to a degree with in himself. He was attracted to the beautiful girl, yes, but his heart was also weighing on him. Wraith has never been the kind of guy to feel remorse for another, so why now? He felt a pain in his chest as he watched tears drip from the young girls eyes.

After an hour or so of traveling deeper and deeper into the forest the white haired teen came to a stop, looking all around and uncertain of which direction to travel in next. He was frustrated for many reasons, but being lost was at the top of his list for the current moment.

“Why are we stopping?” Wraith questioned.

“Just gimmie a minute will ya?” Vincent snapped back, “Just where are we going anyways?”

“What?! You were leading us without direction?! Now we’re just lost in the freak’n woods?” Wraith griped.

The princess struggled in Wraith’s arms, “Put me down.” she cried, “Put me down!”

The princess was placed softly on the ground, Wraith and Vincent watched painfully while the girl tried standing and walking in an aimless direction. She fell to knees crying, “WHY! What I’m I supposed to do now?!” she pleaded looking at the boys with watery eyes.

Vincent and Wraith both slowly looked at each other without a single clue of what to do or say to console the emotionally injured blonde. Wraith nudged Vincent on the back and tilted his head towards Alisha, indicating for Vincent to stop her crying. Vincent’s eyes glared at Wraith showing his disapproval, so Vincent nudged Wraith on the back and tilted his head towards Alisha indicating for Wraith to console the princess. Wraith shook his head and began pulling Vincent’s arm in Alisha’s direction. Vincent resisted and started pushing Wraith’s back to force him at her. Alisha showered the ground with salty tears while the two teenagers silently bickered amongst each other as to whom was supposed to help her feel better about the death of her mother.

Several feet away from the squabbling boys a small pair of beady eyes watched from underneath a mound of upturned soil. The creature noticed the crying princess and the two boys standing in front of her before slowly and quietly returning underneath the ground.

Wraith and Vincent began wrestling with each other until Vincent lost his footing and was pushed down directly in front of the princess. She looked up at his face as he was kneeled before her. The white haired orphan figured he was the last person on earth to turn to for sympathy and hadn’t any clue what to say to help her feel any better. He nervously smiled at the crying beauty.

“Hey.......” Vincent struggled.

The princess lunged forward and hugged Vincent tightly, dripping her tears over his shoulder. Vincent was startled by the sudden act to receive compassion and left his arms open wide before slowly moving inward and hugging her back. The teen slightly blushed for a brief moment, it was the first time in Vincent’s life that anyone has ever hugged him before. Even though the circumstances were tragic, it was a nice feeling that gave Vincent a small warm feeling inside. Wraith stood behind them somewhat jealous, he didn’t realize she wanted someone to hug. He had thought she wanted deep caring words of healing and compassion, which Wraith knew he was terrible at giving.

A pinecone flew across the ground from the direction of the mysterious spy and popped Vincent in the back of the head.

“Hey! Whad’ya do that for?!” Vincent sniped looking back at Wraith.

“Huh? I didn’t hit you with that.” he defended. “If I was going to hit you I wouldn’t use a pinecone. I’d use one of THESE!” he declared waving his fist at Vincent.

“Oh yeah!?” Vincent asked standing up from his hug with Alisha to face against Wraith.

Alisha fell to the ground witnessing the two argue.

“Yeah!” Wraith agreed stepping forward.

“Ya know, I hate little punk ass pukes like you acting tough on the street like people give a damn. Everybody knows shits like you are just compensating cause you always act tough in numbers, but it’s never the case one on one.” Vincent insulted clenching his fist.

“Think your big? Come say that over here and I’ll kick your ass, turds like you always annoy the hell outta me anyways. Mommy and daddy were never around so now I’m a big tough guy.” Wraith stated buckling down preparing to fight Vincent.

As the two of them glared at each other readying to fight the beady eyed creature, who was still spying on them, began moving at the both of them very quickly from underneath the ground. Vincent cursed at Wraith hatefully then charged at him swinging while Wraith backed away trying to dodge his blows. Alisha’s tears began drying up while she watched the two attack each other in shock. Wraith stepped back further from Vincent moving away from another punch.

“Stop running from me!” Vincent complained.

At that moment the spying creature emerged from the ground causing rocks and pebbles to fly about. It jumped from the ground far enough just to bite onto Wraith’s sword handle and jerk it away from him completely. Right after doing so it dug back into the ground swiftly. All three were surprised by the mysterious creature.

“My sword!” Wraith yelled. “Get it!”

Vincent followed behind Wraith as he chased after the creature disturbing the ground from below. Wraith lunged forward attempting to tackle the thief but only landed face first in the grass since it darted another direction at the last minute. Vincent stepped on Wraith’s butt and back adding insult to injury while chasing after the creature.

Wraith lifted his head furiously, “Hey!” the ex-convict wanted to bitch, but instantly noticed he was being left behind in the chase. The purple haired teen leapt off the ground and ran after to catch up.

Princess Alisha was distracted by her severe pain, watching the mysterious chase. “Wait! Look it’s coming back.” she announced.

Wraith stopped in his tracks as the underground creature made a sharp u-turn and began making its way back with Vincent following right behind.

“I’ve got it this time.” Wraith muttered until noticing the shark fin emerge from the disturbed earth, “A shark?!” Wraith started to sweat on his forehead thinking nervously as he imagined a ground shark emerging from the ground and ripping him apart!

“GET READY!” Vincent shouted.

At the last moment, however, the creature completely submerged underground and vanished entirely.

“Hm? Where did it go?” Alisha asked subtly.

Vincent stopped right in front of Wraith. The two looked around the ground for any new movement, but saw nothing. After a small moment Alisha started screaming and kicking her leg.

“It’s got the princess!”

The two quickly ran over to her rescue. Wraith lifted Alisha’s dress quickly with Vincent readying his sword for the attack. The boys faces blushed, seeing nothing but panties.

Alisha slapped both in the face swiftly as an ‘innocent’ ladybug flew away from underneath her dress, “Perverts.”

Wraith looked at the stunned white haired teen smugly, nodding his head slightly, and offering a fist bump at the pleasing sight. Vincent looked at Wraith like an idiot which immediately killed his offer.

“Well, let’s go.” Wraith ordered.

“Go where?” Vincent questioned.

“Go find my sword, I’m not losing it just like that.”

“You can go, it’s your sword. I’ve got mine.”

Wraith was agitated, “Well gimme one of yours so I can fight it then.”

“No, screw that. You lose swords. I’m not losing mine.”

“What’s it matter? Your swords don’t even do anything special anyways. It wouldn’t be any different than me holding a big stick anyways.” Wraith mocked.

“I’ll give you a big stick you can do something with!” Vincent insulted.

“You wanna fight punk?!”

“Yeah, you gonna run like last time?!”

“Alright turd! Put your swords down and we’ll do this then!” Wraith ordered.

“With pleasure.” Vincent replied stabbing both of his swords into the ground and walking over to the purple haired agitator.

“Stop! Why do you two keep insisting on fighting each other? I’m an emotional train wreck over here and all you two can do is think about how much you want to pound the other’s face in! UGH!” Alisha flustered.

Both Vincent and Wraith looked at Alisha and endured her words, “She’s right.” Wraith said walking over to the princess quickly and passing up Vincent, who still wanted to fight.

“Look, I’m sorry we ca,” Wraith pretended to apologize then quickly grabbed one of Vincent’s abandoned swords stabbed in the ground, “Ah ha!”

“You bastard! Gimmie back my sword!” Vincent hurried over to Wraith to take his sword back until all of a sudden, the creature from underground emerged once again.

The being was small and furry, a tan colored puppy with a shark fin on the back of its head, a shark tail, and razor sharp rows of shark teeth! As quick as the little shark dog appeared it had already latched onto Wraith, biting his hand with the sword in hand.

Everyone was stunned and confused for a slight moment until the silence was broken by Wraith screaming in terrible pain by the shark dog’s teeth digging into his hand. The teen shook and waved his arm wildly attempting to shake loose the adorable beast. Wraith let loose the sword, allowing it to drop to the ground before trying to punch the shark dog in the face. The little tan pup released Wraith’s arm in time to dodge the punch and retrieve the dropped sword. The pup bit the sword handle and began running away.

Vincent watched as one of his swords were being stolen and immediately grabbed his only remaining sword and chased after the small tan dog. The chase ended once the little pup cornered himself by running to a massive tree in the woods. It turned around to face off against the orphaned boy.

“Give me back my sword or I swear I’ll make puppy tuna outta you.”

“Hee, hee, hee, bet’cha think you’re real funny coming up with that ol’ joke don’t cha?” the little pup replied with Vincent’s sword in its mouth.

“So, you can talk? Hand it over.” he ordered taking a step closer to the cornered dog.

“No! One more step and I’ll snap this blade in two. I can do it.” the pup warned. He started biting down on the sword to show Vincent he wasn’t bluffing.

Wraith and the princess finally caught up to the two and their stand-off, standing behind Vincent.

The teen with silver hair gripped his sword while watching the small puppy threaten his other half, “Stop, that’s my sword!” he shouted out while reaching outward to his sword.

At that moment the sword began to shake and quiver within the little pup’s teeth. The small shark dog began to wonder what was happening. He had known he wasn’t biting down hard enough to shatter the blade yet, when suddenly to everyone’s amazement, the other blade of Vincent’s completely burst into metallic shards, handle and all! The dog opened his mouth allowing the other shards to lift from out of his mouth and somehow hover in the air overhead. All were surprised by the hidden ability of the Vincent’s swords.

Vincent was greatly concerned with the well-being of his sword until he realized he had awoken his swords ability. The teen smiled happily, “Hey look, my sword does have powers.” A small metallic shard floated before Vincent grabbing his attention. “Huh?” He slowly reached out to touch the shard, but it drifted away and out of his reach each time he tried.

“Try to use your sword.” Alisha advised.

Wraith and Vincent both looked at Alisha, “Huh?”

“I mean, use your sword to touch it.” she clarified.

Vincent turned and faced the single shard hovering directly in front of him. He lifted his sword and pointed it to the metal shard. The boy slowly moved the tip of his blade forward penetrating the metallic shard somehow making the tip of his sword appear through another metal shard that hovered several feet away above the small shark dog. The further he extended his sword, the further the sword extended through the shard floating around the small pup. All were excited to witness this unforeseen ability of Vincent’s sword except for the thieving pup who was pinned to the tree.

The blade grew closer, “Ah! Please don’t kill me! I’m sorry.” the pup pleaded.

“Where’s my sword?!” Wraith shouted, ignoring his bleeding hand.

The dog turned his head and ignored the purple haired teen’s question until Vincent pushed his sword closer to the pup’s body. The pup gasped, “Okay, I’ll show you” he said in defeat.

The little shark dog led the three teens to his secret hiding place with Vincent’s sword blades still hovering above him. The trail ended at a large hollowed out tree with a huge hole at the base.

“It’s in there.” he pointed.

Wraith walked over to the base of the tree and poked his head inside noticing the small stolen ‘treasures’ of the little canine. A small top, an action figure, a few fruits, a pile of very small bones, and his stolen sword.

The little pup looked over to princess Alisha and apologized, “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.”

“Huh? Save me? From what?” she asked.

“From your kidnapper’s, I didn’t know the white haired guy’s sword could do that.”

Alisha was stunned, she realized the small dog misunderstood the entire situation. Her being carried into the woods, her tears, their weapons, it was all a huge misunderstanding. Wraith walked back over to the group, he and Vincent menacingly looked over the frightened shark dog.

“Let’s see, what punishment is suitable for a little biting sword thief?” Wraith grinning wickedly.

The princess picked up the little puppy boy and held him tightly, “Nobody’s hurting a hair on this little guy’s head.”

“The hell I’m not.” Wraith replied.

“Hurt his legs then.” Vincent advised.

Alisha turned to the side holding the pup, “No! This little guy tried rescuing me. He’s a hero.”

“He failed.” Vincent said quietly.

“He’s a monster.” Wraith tried reasoning.

“He is not a monster. He’s a, he’s, um.” she tried arguing.

“I’m a shark dog.” the little pup answered back. Alisha placed him back on the ground, “My momma was shark an’ my poppa was a dog.”

“Still a little monster.” Wraith grimaced, causing the little pup to growl.

“So how exactly is this little dog a rescuer of yours?” Vincent questioned.

“He thought you guys were kidnapping me.”

“What?” Vincent disbelieved.

“Yeah, I heard a bunch of commotion at the castle today and saw all the panic, then the news people and cop people started saying the prince and princess was kidnapped by guys with swords. It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together.” the dog explained as if pitying the minds of the two boys.

“WHAT!? We didn’t kidnap her!”

“Sure, now ya tell me. Well, that’s what everybody in Vailstone thinks, so you guys are in BIG trouble.” he said proudly crossing his little arms.

“So, what now?” Wraith asked.

“We just go back with Alisha and explain.” Vincent said.

“I’m not going back there. Raziel killed my mother and my father for all I know. I don’t know who he is anymore.” the princess confessed.

“I’m not going back. I just got out of prison and am being set up for kidnapping a princess. Do you have any idea how fast I would end up back behind bars?! I’m not going back to jail, forget that.” Wraith informed everyone.

“So what then?” Vincent asked. “I’m not becoming a fugitive because of all this.”

“I know a place back in the city where we can lay low until we figure out what to do. That’s where I’m going.” Wraith stated as he began walking off.

The princess began slowly following after Wraith, “You’re going to?” Vincent asked.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do right now, but I can’t go back home. I need to gather my thoughts. Laying low sounds good to me for now until I can figure out what needs to be done.” Alisha explained.

“Alright, let’s go.” the little shark dog chimed in.

“You’re coming with us?” Alisha asked.

“Of course, these two obviously can’t get along and work together. So I’ll come with you to ensure your safety.” the pup smiled.

The princess smiled back, “Alright. Hm, you never told us your name.”

“I’m Bo. Nice to meet you princess.”

“The pleasure is all mine Mr. Bo.” she complemented.

Vincent rolled his eyes following them all while Alisha and Bo bonded with each other.

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