Project Eden

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In a world of war and chaos, governments have chosen to end this world and start over. Codename [Project Eden]. When a tour through a old bunker takes a terrible turn which leaves 3 High school students in an abandoned world.

Adventure / Scifi
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Chapter 1: Project Eden

At an undisclosed location somewhere in the United States lies a bunker far below ground. On the wall were monitors, some have weather radars, others with data sheets and diagrams. Here a team of scientists are working around the clock on a project. A project that will change the world.

The intercom buzzes with the voice of a young female.

"He's here."

"Who is."

"The president of the Eden Project. He's here to give the final overview and to make sure we are on track. Maybe you should get outside more sir, you're starting to get bunker fever."

"Let him in, and learn to mind your damn business. My well being is none of your concern."

"Sorry sir. He's on his way down now."

The lead scientist turned around and addressed his staff.

"Alright everyone, Mr. Shirker is on his way down here for his inspection so NO EXPLOSIONS!"

"YES SIR!!" exclaimed the staff in unison with one or two "awwws" in the background.

Five minutes later a tall man dressed in a black business suit with a white button down shirt with a red tie walked into the room. Around twenty men all in white lab coats looked up from what they were doing, stood up and greated the president.

"Everything is going to plan I assume, since everyone has enough time to stand around and do nothing," asked the president in a deep fear inducing voice.

"Y-yes sir, we're just about finished. All we need is for you to initiate Noah's Ark and we'll be able to execute Project Eden."


The world has become a world of war and chaos. Many leaders believe that the world needed a reset button and to start over. The United Nations hired billionaire Dan Shirker to fund a project and oversee it. Project Eden was a secret government operation that served as a sort of reset button for the world. it would trigger a chain of natural disasters that would wipe out all of the human race. In order to restore life after the event. Project Eden established around 150 bunkers across the United States to hold both people and animals during the events of this project and release them once the state of the planet returned to a suitable environment to live in . These bunkers were known as Noah's Arks. Between the 150 bunkers Project Eden planned to save up to one million citizens ranging from the age of 18-30 to restart the population. These people were to be healthy and fit with no hereditary illnesses or conditions. There were also older people selected within various occupations such as healthcare and government to care for and lead the survivors in the new world.

"And you do remember your end of the deal right? You'll save our families in exchange for our services."

"Of course, a businessman always holds up his end of the deal. Especially when you got everything finished in record time." The business man continued "We will initiate Noah's Ark and Project Eden will be ready to launch in two days."

"Thank you for keeping your promise. We all hope to see you in the new world."

The businessman turned and walked out the door toward the elevator. As he waited for the elevator he took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Hello, this is Mr. Shirker, yes, the end is near. Begin operation Noah's Ark. Project Eden will be ready to launch in two days."


Within seconds the hallways of Mountain Elm High School became packed with students all heading towards the front door.

"Come on Heather, if you move this slow you'll get run over,"yelled a brown haired boy pulling on a girls arm.

"Careful Chris, I'm going as fast as I can!" exclaimed the black haired girl trying not to trip.

They managed to move into a small room to avoid being trampled.

"What was that for."

"Hey, I didn't want us getting run over. Plus, we don't want to keep Francis waiting."

As the crowds began to dissipate, they left the closet and headed toward the door. The two students escaped the mobs leaving the building and made their way towards a lime green convertible. In the car sat a boy a year ahead of Chris and Heather. The boy brushed away his blonde hair saying in a sarcastic tone, "What took ya so long?".

"It's not my fault someone wanted to move at turtle speed," responded Chris.

"Well I'm sorry I have problems keeping up."

"Hey! If you two keep bickering I'm gonna leave you behind," shouted the boy in the car. "Now, make up and get in. You're testing my patience."

They both made an empty apology and got in the car still glaring at each other. Francis put the car in gear and started down the road.

He noticed the tense mood going on in the back seat.

"I'm gonna be honest, I thought you two were making out in the closet or something," stated Francis trying to lighten the mood.

"WE WERE NOT!" responded Chris and Heather in unison. Their faces were now bright red.

"When you respond like that it becomes very suspicious. So what were you two really doing?"

"NOTHING!" they said together again.

"Sure, whatever," Francis responded sarcastically.

"Since we're on that topic, have you found a date for Prom?" asked Chris in a tone of revenge.

"Ummm, n-, that's none of your business!" said Francis with his face now bright red.

"Heather, are you sure your folks are ok with you spending the weekend at my house with Chris?" asked Francis, trying to change the subject.

"They're probably too busy drinking or fighting to worry about where I am," said the black haired girl sighing, now with her hair blowing in the wind.

"Hey, try not to bring down the mood. We're going to have a good time."

"I can't believe you managed to get tickets to go on that tour on Sunday," remarked Chris.

"It's nothing really. I'm just glad we get to go as a group."

"Couldn't agree more," said Heather smiling.

"Hey can we stop somewhere and pick up some snacks and drinks," asked Chris.

"Yeah we'll stop somewhere."

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