Dawn of the shadowed beast: First howl

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Edward price, a rich teen is involved in an accident on his 15th birthday and dies ending an uneventful life. What happens when he is given a chance to reincarnate in a new world starting from scratch? Will he learn from his past or be a living corpse once more???

Adventure / Romance
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Death into my second life


He is a rich teen possessing a great deal after his parent's death little over a year ago. The child billionaire with a pure heart attempts to give away 75% of his inheritance before it's all over.

"Master price please go Now! Hurry!" Screamed Deputy Harold. But sadly the boy was hit by a stray bullet as he tried to escape the ambush. The last thing he sees is his killers face looming over his dying body "No hard feelings kid a job is a job" and he is silenced with the bang of the gun.

As I drift into the darkness knowing this was it the end of my life I regret. Regret not having fun always following rules. My life was utterly fustrating, with the expectations and the " Price's reputation " to live up to. And then the voice came giving me a second chance.


Every thing is dark no hearing, smell, touch or sight. It was abysmal nothing. Then came a voice pulling me out of my self induced madness the voice came into my being and gave me a choice, have my soul completely intergrated into the nothingness or get a second chance at life. So, as of this moment Edward Price is dead and all but my past life's memories remain." Let's do this. "

The beginning of my second life
I wake up in a cool dark place. The presence of life forms that I can't really make out.all around me but I soon fall asleep unable to hold on to consciousness. After a year and a half of this cycle repeating I am old enough to remember things and find myself in a cave living with..... a pack a wolves.

Seemingly it is possible to become the wolf version of Tarzan in this world. No Kidding, I am being raised by a small pack of huge wolves. Dire wolves to be precise I can see it on a cursor/avatar on their heads. The alpha female seems to have imprinted on me a human, so I guess I owe my safety to my new surrogate mother.

The breast milk was horrible at first. It hurt like a bitch after a few seconds of suckling my whole body would heat up and hurt with a pain originating from my bones after a week or three it didn't hurt as much and after more time only my blood was receiving th backlash of milking.

The pups in my mother's litter where very cute and loving towards me at first but soon after started outgrowing me and things were not as fun in a few months. My surrogate mom did not seem to care about the race or size difference among us all and I had to tough it out when she and the alpha started urging us out the den and their lives.

At almost three years old l was totally on my own in the pack excluding my kind siblings choosing to pass me some scraps from their hunts now and then. At 4 years of age I had mastered pack etiquette.


1. Do not under any circumstances look the alpha' s straight in the eye unless you are me and my mom
2. The alphas get first bite at every meal
3.( exclusive to me ) do not go on hunts or leave the den for a radius of 24 metres in this world there are lots of monsters that would like a free meal.Oh and don't challenge other wolves.

So I made due with speedily eating the tough remains of the pack's hunts.and kept doing so till I turned ten. By now the original alpha was challenged and defeated by grey my second brother and I got a few more scraps than usual for 5 more years. Now maybe I can learn to hunt in 5 more years?

6 years later

Our mother the old alpha female is slowly losing her senses literally her hearing smell and eye sight are deteriorating due to.... old age? Either way, make no mistake she I still hella strong. So today I'll be tailing her on a hunt. She likes hunting ice pandas and elor the first is like a giant white panda and the second is something of a ostrich with a long sharp beak.

We embarked on our journey and found the tracks of the latter of our intended prey. After I tried mimicking the previous alpha female by following the tracks a voice I will never forget pops into my mind saying:

New skill acquired
User can now identify footprints and follow depending on skill level and proficiency one can even make out height smell and weight.

I stopped dead in my tracks stunned at first almost forgetting I'm in the middle of the hunt." Wait did I hear right?!" It's the goddess's voice! And this world has started to drag me out of my old lifestyle. It is very enticing indeed. "Whatever." I grumble

The she-wolf stops and I wonder what's wrong, did we find the elor? Soon I hear a growl but it's not from my surrogate mother...

Hello, dear readers I'm a new author on Inkitt I guess. My sole purpose for writing this is to boldly bring you a story both you and I can enjoy. Because quite frankly I dont find quality stories all that frequently. Why not make one? Sit or lie just be comfortable, go on this experience with me AND HAVE FUN!!!

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