Spirit warriors(Gbɔgbɔ aʋawɔla)

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"At that time, the Demon Lord almost spread his corruption throughout the entire Eʋeland and beyond but, three warriors combined their spiritual power and managed to lock him into the Demon chamber. Through these warriors, the Spirit warriors were born each with their unique element" So is the legend that reminds the souls and spirits of the Spiritual, living and heavenly worlds of the return of the three legendary heroes who will combine their power again to destroy the Demon Lord after his escape will be foreseen. The warriors who broke the laws of life and reincarnation have started their new, reincarnated lives which will prepare and make them even stronger than before... Selasi, who is forced to join the spirit warriors journeys with his teacher and comrades to cleanse his heart of the impure dog demon and return to his normal life. But, he doesn't know about his along with his comrades' great role in the balance of the three realms... A negative path... A positive path... Whatever he chooses... it will lead him to the responsibility the disaster that will strike the world's order. This is the story of a boy who's origin is mixed up and broken into fragments ... and he knows nothing of this.

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Events... the small pieces existing in the lives of all living beings that determines and completes one's role in this world. The thought of this term is never induced... but later on, we who call ourselves the higher creatures of nature come to realize its vast importance and thus... we carefully study it and are able to control the effects of these small fragments.

Yes... indeed events certainly do link together. They link in ways one would never have expected... for instance, the destruction of an entire state may be caused by a single boy simply because he defaulted... this default be it a lie or theft will eventually lead to one thing... then to another... until the unexpected climax occurs.

But, that is not with my case...

Ignorance, naiveness... these acts I have kept demonstrating over and over has led to the state I am in now, broken... hopeless... as the cold droplets of water fall on my blood drenched body, slowly washing me clean and revealing my deep cut wounds.

I couldn't help my one and only friend who had decided to break a very sacred taboo in order to ensure our victory in the next battle against the threat, all his life he had been ridiculed, insulted... ignored... and I who called myself a friend had chosen to show no care towards him and left him in a deep hole of regret and anger... How could I help him if I was in such a state? Of course, I tried to talk to him into stopping... but the power of the evil one we were faced with had overwhelmed ours and... truly, breaking the sacred taboo was the only way to start... all over.

I looked up at him from the grounds of the tall altar we were on as he forced himself to keep his screams of agony locked up as the energy needed for the forbidden spell seeped through his wounds.

Keeping the body of the woman I loved very close to me, I too broke a sacred law... "offering life using the power of negativity". I didn't want her to die... no... it was far too early. I wasn't going to let all her suffering end with no positive gain... losing her parents, her only sister... and her best friends... She had suffered just too much while I sat in the seat of comfort, doing nothing but enjoying the finest things in life.

I hugged her... tightly, believing that whatever happens... whatever comes in our way, we will always be together to punch it back to where it came from.

What followed right after my best friend broke the law of reincarnation... was a booming light... a light of new beginning... we were going to start all over. This time, fully prepared to stop a crisis... one that would ruin the order of the three worlds...

I forced my voice to sound through the land, bringing the attention of the souls and spirits.

"The Spirit world... Living world... Heavenly world... your three warriors are going to restart, leaving the evil Lord in a weak chamber.

Do not fret yet... we'll come back and stop the reign of the Demon Realm. You may be in a dire state of imbalance by the time we start new lives... but know this...

We are the warriors of the Spirit realm who will return to cast light on the darkness...




We will spread forth our power and provide you all with the strength to become warriors who will stand up for the three worlds in cases where the Demon realm may choose to attack or... Mawu forbid, if the forbidden spells we have casted turn out to backfire."

I closed my eyes as the light engulfed the altar on which we were on and trapped the Demon Lord into the locked chamber.

Our bodies turned to nothing but statues... standing firmly atop the tower of a new beginning.

Though the Demon Lord is sure to break out... the hope of countless souls and spirits rests on our return and their memories which are engraved into their hearts will be passed on... keeping the flames of hope burning...

There was a sudden silence... and the pain I was experiencing from my wounds had disappeared. My eyes were closed and I couldn't see... my entire body wouldn't move at my will. It was as if it was being controlled... suddenly, a majestic voice sounded. I could not see but I knew that whatever the source was... it was surely powerful.

"At that time, the Demon Lord almost spread his corruption throughout the entire Eʋeland and beyond but three warriors combined their spiritual power and managed to lock him inside the Demon chamber. Through these warriors, those who possess similar power to those of the legendaries were born... Spirit warriors, each with their unique elements.


Truly, humans know how to make sweet sounding legends…"

I asked the voice what was going on but it responded with a chuckle.

"You may see now…"

The weight on my eyes lightened and they opened slowly. I was pushed back by surprise as I saw the spirit before me. It was pure white and had the very same figure as a teenage human. It had six angelic-like wings... three on each side of its back and it wore a gold/white robe which shone brightly.

"Welcome! To the heavenly world's gate... I am the one who guards its entrance and if you are here with no intent to break through, it means you have broken the sacred law of life", the mighty spirit's voice roared throughout the white vacuum in which we were in.

"Now answer this... why did you break such a law?"

I hesitated greatly and finally answered with the confidence I had mustered, "I don't want my sins to affect my loved ones in such a negative way".

"I see... Will you choose to oppose the great force of the heavens?"

Nothing was going to stop me from getting reborn... even if I had to sacrifice everything at that moment. I looked at the spirit directly, answering, "No, if YOU oppose me... I'll kick you, an obstacle out of my way".

Even though its face couldn't be seen, I knew it was stunned... I felt it. The spirit revealed a large smile, chuckling.

"Interesting... Very well, I'll give you five new lives to choose. Let's make a small bet... If you fail to stop the great threat... you'll be scourged in the depths of the Demon realm but if you succeed... you shall live your new life along with your loved ones to its fullest".

"Agreed", I said immediately.

The Spirit raised its arms in the air, summoning five portals to appear before me.

"Good... now! Walk into one of your new lives!! You may choose any!!"

I walked up to one that caught my eye... that one, in my heart was sure to grant me the life I needed to defeat the great threat. I felt the great power of the Guardian fade as I entered deeper... still hearing its faint voice.

"Let's put you to the test... "O legendary warrior".

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