Mystery In Early Hours

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The four always get into adventure wherever they go ! . why so ? Whats awaiting them at the farm?

Adventure / Fantasy
Saanvi nayak
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Chapter 1

"Hey wait of me !", Janice clutched a piece of buttered bread and ran behind him. Nia and Sam were tired waiting out.They came in and bounced on the sofa.
"Where's our next trip?", asked Sam mysteriously at John who was busy with his papers. "May be no", he said nonchalantly without lifting his eyes , still busy with his papers. Janice peeped into his papers ," what's this ?". "Nothing important. Just a bunch of nonsense given by teachers". Nia and Janice looked at each other with a naughty smile.
"Let me bring some snacks". Janice walked in followed by Nia."Did you plan anything for the vacation, John?", Sam asked to break the silence. John didn't care him and went buy busy with him papers. Sam, who didn't expected a reply went back scratching his head.
Janice and Nia came with a tray full of cakes and juice and placed it on the table near John's papers.The first consumer was a cat. It came came running towards the table and hit a glass of juice. "Lucy !! what the mess ?!?", Janice screamed furiously.Lucy ran away wondering what's wrong with Janice.
All four sat together eating cakes. " Actually I have something to say you guys". John said with naughty smile.
But no one cared him now. He repeated same words again with higher amplitude. Furiously the rest three stared at him at wonder.
"Father has decided to send us to farm for holidays. What do you think ? Pretty cool right ?",Said john pointing at a picture."Here's what it looks like".The rest three surrounded him in wonder."Farm house?",Sam asked surprisingly.
"Father wants us to do smthg educative during holiday instead of wasting time indoors.So he wants us to learn about things over there! What do you think?"." So boring , why do we need to study during holidays? Leave it, Let's play carrom now!", Nia said as she was not interested in studies anyway.
"But what will we do in two whole months at home"?, asked Janice."Okay then, let's go!. And Nia if you are not interested you can stay", said sam leaving Nia out of count.
"No! , I wanna join!",Nia cried."Tomorrow at 10:40!", John instructed.Soon Sam and Nia left Planning a joyful holiday ahead.
Next morning,John got up early as usual went to check Janice, who was already up for the day." What made you get up so early?"asked john furiously cause Janice was sleepaholic."Nothing! I wanted to prepare some peanut butter and bread, so we won't starve on long way.But John had already left her room without waiting for her reply.
At 10:30, Sam and Nia were at the starting point.John and Janice came out with their luggages."How may days are we gonna stay?",asked Sam seeing the picture of the farm , he had collected in a magazine."Till you are full filled",said Janice mockingly."Enough guys ! It's time to start ",John said pushing one of his bad inside the rented car.
There was long journey of four hours ahead so Nia without any further move;went for a nap.Janice accompanied Nia.John was enjoying the beauty of nature while Sam was busy being a car photographer.
"We may reach in an hour",said driver examining the GPS to find best route.Nia had waken up already but Janice was a sleepy head.
"Hey! what are those ?" John screamed in excitement."Where?", Janice woke up with anxiety. John was pointing towards a group of houses. They all looked similar, dark ,pale and calm.It seemed like no one lived there."Oops sorry! I missed the route",said driver turning towards right.Within 5 minutes they had reached their destination, A large farm.
A old man came to welcome them.They unloaded their luggages and waved goodbye at the driver.They went back of the old man until they reached a small house like one they had seen before on the way."HI!", the old man growled with a creepy smile.All four gave a smile in return." I am charlie.I am this farm's keeper.You are going to spend your holidays in this home. If you want something ,you can ask me. Now go in and take rest.Dinner will come soon."
Kids were shaken by his voice."What a euphonious voice!",said Sam."But he doesn't look rude",said Nia."Whatever! I don't care! But I am hungry now !", said Janice keeping one of her bag on the table.
When they entered inside, there was way upstairs.John had already unpacked his bag pack in room situated near kitchen downstrairs.Rest three went upstairs. Nia and Janice choosed two biggest room in three, while John was left with a tiny one.
Everyone after fresh up, surrounded near a small table and started to have the tasty dinner , which included home made bread and butter."This is so yummy!", Janice said with mouthful of bread.
"Okay, good night everyone!"said John."Yah ! Have a good sleep. who knows what's waiting for us tomorrow !"
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