Arcade Venture

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Jade POV

I land on the sand in a gruff, disturbed sand tangle in my hair as I scurry around on the ground.

Troubled by what happened, I don’t remember how I landed here, neither do I know where I am.

I lift slowly, tremendous forestry enters my observatory... a fringe road circled by vivid wildflowers, all in bizarre frames and glows.

“Where am I? Why do I sound like this? What is going on?” I smooth my strange attire and gasp as soon as I look down.

Dragon female armor, light brown vest and pants, sewed together to create a dragon skin... shoes and gloves warmth by dragon skin... an overlapping of dragon bones to keep them fit together.

Two swords accompany my sides and an extensive one-handed weapon hangs neatly from my back.

Chad POV

I smash against the tree in a whine; I snarl and hisses, the red liquid slipping from the corner of my jaw.

I peer at the area before me, whilst I swipe the fluid from my jawbone... continuous woodcraft...

“Where am I? What happened to my voice?”

I gaze down in awe.

Male goblin armor. black vest and pants bounded together to create goblin skin... shoes and gloves embroidered together for comfort... a heavy coat boned out of goblin skin to disguise the armor more.

A monstrous one-handed weapon relaxes tightly on my back... while one developed alike goblin staff swings on my side...

Arnold POV

I scamper onto my feet, dashing as fast as my legs can hold me.

As soon as I grounded amid nowhere, circled by deadly trapped flowers, seconds after, their veins attacked me.

I slam my back against a tree, hoping they lost my scent.

“What kind of place is this? Where am I? Why do I sound so weird?”

I pause, my palms on my knees... and peers down.

Male scale armor. Light blue pants and vest rest tightly against his skin, a dark blue armor pinned together to create a luminous effect.

Shoes and gloves embroidered with blue hippocampus to warm the skin.

Scales crafted into two swords on my side, and one-handed weapon swinging on my back...

Jade POV

I rush through the forest, toward the noise... “Human,” I can hear their voices, screaming through the forest, and before I know it...

I bump into a hard chest. And another trip over us, causing me to squeal...

“Get off me,” I battle the man of me and jump to my feet, “Who are you?” The same man takes his stand and peer at me...

“Chad and you?” “Chad? Oh my gosh, what happened? Where are we? It’s Jade,”

I turn toward the other man battling himself upward, “Arnold?”

He nods toward me swiftly, “Yeah...” “What happened to us? Where are we?”

Chad spins around. All I see is a forest for miles, with the sounds of something roaring... perhaps a few things roaring.

“I think we are in the game...” “What? The Arcade Venture?” Arnold questions surprised...

“Oh gosh, he is right... It must be. We chose the characters we are... I am Shiniss, Eater of dragons,”

“And I am Brykz... absorber of Goblins,” Chad announces.

“Ivory Slayer of the hippocampus,” Arnold adds.

“So, we are part of the game? And we are unique characters? Not freaking out...”

I can feel the panic spreading through my bones. “We can do this... this is what we do for a living,” Chad pressure my arms...

I nod slowly, “Okay, where do we begin?”

“I guess this is level one dudes... we should figure where level two is,” Arnold spins around commenting.

We clamor through the forest, disturbed...

With each wedge Chad gives the oversized weeds, I can almost hear them screech.

I tremble through them, shivering,

As for Arnold, he scans the surrounding area.

“What are our skills? Our names give a clue who we are. But there must be some way we can assess them...”

I peep at Chad, slicing annoyed; I know his father kicked him out, but why still annoyed?

“Chad? Are you okay?” He doesn’t trouble his attention towards me, rather on the machete in his hand, which I have no clue where he found.

“Yea...” He holds in his routes and I almost smack into him, “I just don’t crave to go back, I would willingly stay here,”

I expect that... we don’t even know where here is; we don’t know our abilities; we don’t know what we have to do in this game...

“Hold on, do you hear that?” I peek at Arnold pointing in a random direction... something is stalking us...


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