Arcade Venture

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The sound echoes from every inch of the forest, “What is that?”

I stop dead in my tracks,

“An elder’s dragon, I can hear her breathing, feel her strength, she does not mean harm, but she is warning us to leave her territory… follow me,”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, are your serious dude? No way am I running back into that forest, after that thing,”

I roll my eyes at Arnold, “Fine Arnold, are you coming Chad?” “Are you serious about this? A d-dragon,”

I turn my gaze at his trembling lips, “I’m a dragon slayer Arnold, and it’s the character I chose… perhaps we should slay a beast to advance or something,”

“B-but…” He mumbles once again. “Hold it; do you all see these Goblin Statues? We entered another city,”

Our glancing bounce between Chad and the city… an immense tiled bridge rest neatly under our feet, Goblins spread out miles on the sides.

In the distance, we can see an ancient rock format, build-out of a Goblin.

“Goblins and dragons invading each other’s home turf?” I question in awe.

All surrounded in a beautiful, illuminating dam… “Um, what is that?” We turn our gaze toward Arnold’s shivering finger…

A light blue tail flickers in the air and vanishes again… I can hear the roaring sound of a horse…

“These creatures are invading each other’s homeland…” Chad mumbles, “Not just any homeland dudes, the Goblins city,”

It amazes me that Arnold chose such a tough character, and yet he shutters from every inch of this game.

“Do you think I mean us to return the peace and get the animals back home? I mean, we are slayers, yes, but none of them poses a threat.”

Arnold nods at me slightly, but as for Chad, he gazes in awe at the Goblin rock format.

“I am going in, I need to see this for myself,” I pull Chad back on his arm before he can make a run for it.

“Perhaps we should deal with one creature at a time? We don’t know yet what to do a-and…”

“Slay creatures? I thought you said we should save them, dudet? I don’t know about this…”

“I’m going after the dragon Arnold, I suggest you two do the same, I don’t know what kind of strength or powers we have, but advancing in the game, should unlock whatever we possess,”

Chad nods at me, but Arnold shivers at the view before him, “I am going after the goblins, Arnold, find that horse and return it home,”

He nods slightly at Chad, “Okay, whoa… I don’t know what I agreed upon, but I’ll find some way,”

Jade POV

I can hear her breathing restlessly, “Why are you in the hunt for me mortal?”

I stop dead in my tracks; I wander around every inch of the forest, “Why are you invading the Goblins territory? Are you lost?”

I run again toward her breathing… the end of the forest drags near, and before me stands an immense golden elderly dragon…

Golden scales flutter on her skin, with every breath she gives, they move… immense fangs dripping in gold… blue eyes scanning me uneasily.

Smelling the air restlessly, she’s so beautiful…

“What do you inquire about us mortal? No mortal has ever set foot in this far in the woodland, and yet, I feel like there is special about your youthful mortal.”

She bends her head down, giving me one respectful look… “A dragon demolisher, the individual our breed qualms… we do not have any patients for your mortal, leave this territory,”

Her nostrils blow as soon as she lifts her head… “Why are you here? Are you lost?”

She bends her head down once again… “Elders have no responsibility for the differing one,”

“I am not here to fight Elder.” Her head wobbles and lower to my level, “Then why did you come here mortal? If not to combat, we only know the demolishing one as a warrior.”

“I know you only know the demolishing one as a warrior, but I do not want to fight you, I want to help you return home,”

“Help us departure? I scarcely have no faith in that Elder, it does not acquaint this mortal with all,”

Another brown scaled dragon joins her side, his brown eyes breathe through me, “The Elder speaks first Remonion, I elect whether this mortal communicates verity,”

“You are misidentifying her sincerity with a threat, from one of the eldest, I sense her purity, she does without a doubt not know anything, but she means her confrontations Elder,”

A blue scaled dragon stomps closer, his low head frightens me, broken teeth, I can see the elderly in his faded scales…

“Let me gaze at your mortal, why have you arrived here? What do you desire to study from us?”

I rub my hands together uncomfortably; I do not understand what I wish to learn, but I must take them home, I think this could help me advance.

“Why are you invading each other’s properties? Is there a war going on?”

He huffs, and a slight cough leaves my body, “This mortal is not the demolisher, she is merely, but a youngster. What suitable knowledge does she have that alarms us?”

They face each other, arguing over me, gosh, can they just think straight for one second, and see I am only here to help,

“This will not bring you anywhere, I only want to help you, I am not here to destroy anyone.”

“Very well then, rise on and I will show what we are fronting mortal,”

“Elder, are you this gullible to this mortal? She might deceive us.”

“She is not deceiving us, or plan on wounding us, remember your position Remonion.”

He bows toward the blue scaled dragon...

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