Arcade Venture

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Introduction -- Chad Houle

I sit restlessly around the dinner table, although my parents can effort a tremendous house charmingly decorated.

My wealthy parents don’t submit any attention to me...

Raving on about their hard-working behaviors and their accounted work.

For the last few days, I haven’t eaten or taken myself into a debate. For years they have left me aside...

“For heaven’s sake, please cut down that hair Chad, that’s not what I want to see around my table.”

I gape at my elegant mother, Bionca, her red locks always folded in a perfect bun and her gray eyes show kindness, but I only see clouds in them.

“Yes, I agree with your mother boy, since when did this look appeal to you?”

My father, Vic however, never taken me into the warming, or so I feel, demanding things that even I feel are unbearable...

His shaved head fit him admirably well... along with his blue eyes.

“I don’t know...” I can feel their rage eyes on me, shifting my foot around, poking my fork into the microwaved food.

“What’s that boy? Speak up,” I don’t bother any attention toward them. Why should I? They never do.

“I don’t know dad, okay,” My mother hops from the chair, half bumping father on the shoulder “Watch the tone Chad, do you want another week of ground?”

I also bounce from the chair, furious, “What do you care how I look? I don’t exist in this damn house, all you worry about is your stupid job and this stupid house,”

“Don’t use that language with your mother, Chad.”

“Or what? You will ground me? Whip me? I don’t care anymore,” My father raises his firm body from the chair, bent eyebrows... directed at me.

“Chad Houle, one more word and I will...” I throw my hands up toward my father “I am sick of this,”

“And where do you think you are going, Chad? This conversation is not over,”

I glance back at mother, “Out.”

My father stomps toward the door, furious, “Leave.” He grips my arm and push me outside forcefully “Leave this house, and don’t come back,”

I glance between them, mother’s watering pedals, gasping in her stand and as my father, the only thing on his face, anger... complete anger for me...

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