Arcade Venture

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Introduction -- Arnold Salazar

I rotate the skewer in the keyhole as soundlessly as I could. Lurking out past bedtime is not something I would typically do.

However, my parents talked to me about sending me to boarding school, because of my speech, which I don’t find ominous at all, but they do.

I close the door and the light flutters on, almost causing a heart to stop.

“Where were you, Arnold?”

I panic beneath, “Just on the porch mom,” She lifts herself gently, I can see the black train of thought on her cheekbones.

“Your father and I have talked, we no longer feel that you have an education with us Arnold, we are sending you to the Boarding school in England,”

“Dude, no, don’t do this, why? Am I not good enough to be your boy?”

Her grasp forms next to her sides “Don’t talk to me like that Arnold, talk like any normal boy would, I hate that kind of tone.”

Her watering petals drift down the same black traced lines, any person can see, she loves me, but to send me away, is something I would never understand,

“Okay, I’m sorry mom, please don’t do this, I finally made friends here, I finally am happy, and now you want to take it all away from me? Every time we move, according to both of your needs, I join along and pretend it doesn’t bother me, but I...”

Mom, Chrisla, hushes me while spreading the black-painted line more, “I have heard enough Arnold, we did this for you, but this is how you repay us? Sneaking out? Causing trouble with those two others... troublemakers?”

I cannot help, but just gawk at her, I can see the faint black puffs underneath her eyes widening, her braided long black hair fits her black eyes well,

However, my father, Broad) never cared for his wellbeing, sitting every day at home, drinking, and smoking his cigarettes...

Shoulder-length blond hair and green eyes. I never cared much for father, but for mother, she means the world to me.

“Those two other dudes are my best friends, accept it or not, but I am not going to that school, you can’t make me,”

“Arnold!” I turn for the door and before I know it, a hand throws me on the floor harshly, “What the...”

“Have some respect boy,” father’s bent eyebrows have never terrified me, but his hand does.

“Broad, just let me handle this, please just leave him,” He raises a hand toward me. With closed eyelids and a cropped-up shoulder, I wait for the pain.

I open my eyes toward a fist before me.

Fear crawls in my nerves, puffing endlessly before the man that I call a father.

“Broad, leave the boy be,” He lifts himself harshly and storm off without saying a word, I don’t bother raising myself, I have dealt enough with my father’s problems,

“Why are you with him, mom? He is an ass.” “Arnold, don’t talk like that, I have my reasons for sending you away and that’s the end,”

He lifts himself, “I will never forgive you for this,”

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