Arcade Venture

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The machine glitters a few times and I smile gently at it “This is a fresh piece of art, when did this beauty rise?”

“This morning, the unfamiliar law states we have to update all the machines, no more old buttons… everything is a touch screen these days, Sir,”

I nod swiftly at the boy, he pushes the plug into the wall socket and raises himself hastily “So everything is ready Sir, I suggest testing it out…”

I smile softly at the boy, “It’s been years since I last played,” “Now is your chance Sir, I need to know it works,”

I tremble closer to the machine; soft buttons crop up on the touchpad and a soft robotic voice presents before my very eyes.

“Welcome to Arcade Venture, the only entertainment adventures that leave you wanting more, step onto the ring, and feel the movement drawing you in,”

The machine flashes once more… “What is happening, Sir?” Both our confusions gasp and before we know it… our figures disappear.

“I heard they are thinking about reopening the Arcade since the disappearance of Mac and the other dude, his wife has been babbling about it, I hope they do, I heard the new machine is legendary,”

Arnold babbles nagging, it’s been so long since we all last played any of those machines.

“Yes, me too, I miss playing those games, I don’t even know what the new machine is about, heard it is a beast game…”

Chad adds swiftly, “Beast game? What kind of beast game?” I question interruptedly, both their shoulders fly up, “For all we know it could be cool or maybe lame,” Arnold mumbles to himself.

My eyes drift over their displays... black shoulder-length fur and blue eyes fit Chad’s athletic build so well. However, I have always felt that his personality is too strict with his image.

On the other side, Arnold has more of a lazy tone on him, which does not fit his presence at all, blond short hair and green eyes... although he is active... most of the time, he still stays thin.

I peer down at myself, a tiny figure with red locks warming my back and brown gigantic eyes. Although I am reserved, I don’t see myself as others do.

“I don’t know guys, I mean it could be fun and all, but I am grounded again, for sneaking out last time,” Both their peers on me, “Again? No girl, what is going on with them?”

Arnold peers into my head, I twist my concern away from them. Yes, my parents may always fight, but I still love them and appreciate their presence.

“Leave it, man, Jay doesn’t know… at least not like I do… my parents keep pretending I’m not there, all they do all day is fight over… everything. Dad kicked me out last night.”

I jump at Chad’s presence next to me, “T-they kicked you o-out?” He nods swiftly at me, “Damn, my parents talked to me last night, if I don’t change my attitude, they threatened me once again with the boarding school. What is wrong with dudes?”

“I d-don’t know…” I reply toward Arnold…

Chad makes haste before us, hugging the immense tree with his hand steady. Our favorite spot started with Chad, which always used to come here when his father upset him...

A hidden spot behind trees, by a beautiful sparkling dam.

“We should sneak into the Arcade tonight and check out the new machine, one night of fun won’t hurt if our parents are serious about this… at least we know, we had one night of fun.”

I hesitate, if my parents find what I am up too, they will surely send me away this time… “Yea, count me in dudes,” Chad throws a cheesy smile toward me “Don’t make me beg Jay… please,”

He kneels and claps his hands together, a perfect smile flashes before me, “Please, please, please Jay,” I can’t refuse his puppy eyes, I bump him backward in a giggle “Okay,”

Chad leads us toward a small cropped window in the back of the building, “Are you sure about this man? What if we get caught?” Arnold mumbles worriedly, “Nobody has visited this building in months man, we will be fine,” Chad replies whilst he squires himself through the window.

He reaches for me and pulls me through, Arnold hesitated, joins our side…

The colors flashing off the uncommon machines still are playing loudly, and the new machine enters our view.

“Wow, never have I seen anything like this before dudes,” Both our heads wobble at Arnold.

“How does it work?” Chad scans the surrounding machine, “It doesn’t take coins,” I comment, “Wait…”

The screen flashes on and a beautiful robotic voice lingers in our eyes, soft to the taste,

“Welcome to Arcade Venture, the only entertainment adventures that leave you wanting more, step onto the ring, and feel the movement drawing you in,”

All 3 of us step on the ring and colorful flashes almost blinds us, “Now what?” Chad questions disturbed whilst rubbing his eyes. Adjusting to the dark is one thing, however, adjusting to bright lights is another.

“Please chose a character.”

“Look... already two players have been chosen.”

“I wonder is it the old man and the other boy?” Chad questions.

“I don’t know the man,” Arnold mumbles once again.

I pick a destructive dragon slayer, known for her abilities to contain dragons and slaughter them,

Chad picks a fearless Goblin slayer, known for his abilities to absorb their power and slay them.

Arnold picks a conquerors Hippocampus slayer, known for his abilities to lure them in and take their heads.

“Welcome unknown players.”

Bright rays sparkle once more and without warning... we shriek as our bones slowly sink into the bright light.

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