Dangerous Love: Next Generation

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Bisca her brother Loki and their two friends Sayla and Ivan, are the children of the greatest thieves in the world. They will work together to become the greatest thieves in the world just like their parents and will accomplish the biggest steal in the world, they are going to break into....... I can't tell you that, it would ruin the surprise so enjoy the read and you will see for yourself what they will break into.

Adventure / Thriller
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Chapter 1

I walked up to the shops with my brother, Loke and my two friends, Ivan and Sayla, we headed straight for the Big W and Ivan and Sayla stayed outside for backup if we needed it. Loke and I went for the electronics, I distracted the lady at the back while Loke worked on the alarm system it was his specialty and it didn't take him that long luckily because I was running out of things to say. As soon as he took it of he hid it under his jacket and walked of to another one which didn't take so long because the lady was about to turn around and he stuck the second one under his jacket and walked of. We headed over to the exercise section and I know what you are going to think how are you going to hide heavy and huge things under you jackets well we take pieces that could be useful in the future. It was more my department in this, I was great at mechanical things and that included stuff like exercise equipment, Loke kept watch while I took the pieces I wanted and luckily it wasn't much. Afterwards we headed out but we waited for someone else to go through at the same time so when the beeper went of they would go for the person instead of us. And it didn't have to take long since it was busy at the counter, we went through and the beeper went of a the guard went straight for the women as we hoped and then we ran out before he looked at us and we met up with Ivan and Sayla around the corner and they had a trolley for us to put in our steals. We dumped them in and headed for the entrance and then someone called out to us "Hey, you kids over there stop" A man yelled out and I looked over to see that it was the guard at the scanners he was running towards us and the first thing that came to my head I screamed out "Scatter" and we all went running in different directions and we ditched the trolley filled with all our steals Ivan ran into the shop, Loke headed for the food court and me and Sayla ran to Cole's hoping to ditch the guard but sadly he went after us, we hid in busiest aisle and hid in the crowd, when Sayla spotted him we ran for the other side and when I looked back some people were blocking his path and we got the slip. We were heading back to the trolley when the guard came back and we ran for it again but then something pushed on my back and I went backwards into a trolley and then it went super fast, I looked back to see that it was Loke who was steering and I looked over to see that Sayla was in another trolley and Ivan was driving and I could see that they were both enjoying themselves, that's when I just noticed that Loke had grabbed the trolley with all the stuff we took and I was sitting on it and some of the gears were digging into my back but I was having to much fun to really care. After a while of running there was now two people chasing us "Split up" Ivan yelled and we went in different directions, the first man followed us and the second followed them. Loke turned into a pathway outside but then a person came through the door on the other side and Loke took a quick turn but it led to a dead end, I looked around and saw that there was a space above us so I pointed up and Loke understood exactly what I was talking about
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