The Magical Biscuit

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Friendship sometimes matters more than parents. It's all about how two small girls maintain their friendship. ☺️

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The first and the end

Once upon a time there was a village where all the villagers were happily living . There was a rich family with the head as Ramu who was very kind. He always donated money for poor. Once he was traveling to a different place in his some work. His friends forcefully made him drunk and he was not in his sense. On his way there was a saint, meditating. Ramu sang a song which disturbed the saint and the saint angrily cursed him to lose all his family members except his daughter. Ramu sadly came back some to see that all his family members except his daughter, Reena were died. Later Reena got kidnapped by a bad woman, Jullie. When Reena was only ten years old, the woman gave birth to a girl called Sima.

Jullie used to tell Reena to do all the housework and instructed Sima to study and eat like a princess. But Sima was very friendly to Reena and were best friends. Once Jullie was angry and Reena asked for food. Jullie told her to get out of the house. Reeba was a girl who once told to something, she did. So she went out of the house and also Sima. They were walking by when they noticed a beautiful butterfly trapped in the spider web. They went and saved her life. But the butterfly was not an ordinary butterfly but she was a magical butterfly.

The butterfly being grateful to them asked for a wish. So they discussed what to do. After sometime they both told the butterfly 'You should never be caught up by anyone who was going to hurt you.' Then a light came from the butterfly and then the butterfly changed into a beautiful angel. She gave a biscuit which was magical. And if they eat that, whatever they would tell that would take place. Suddenly Sima became little selfish and told Reena that they should wish that they would have a lot of money and they would have a kingdom. But Reena didn't become selfish and told to Sima that what a use of that when they would die, they would not able to take anything. Then Reena ate the biscuit and told that all the poor people should get food, shelter and get a permanet job.

Then a light come form the sky and the God came, told that Reena was very kind, she did not have greediness, and gave her a kinddom to rule. Reena asked Sima to accompany her. The god got even more impressed. He gave Reena a wish that when she would die, she would go to heaven in every birth.

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