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"is it safe to jump out?" I said while getting out of my window "yes!" she said. I jumped out of my window, we ran to the car. I went on to the driver's seat and drove off, not thinking on what my mother would think about me.

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one very day I had the chance to go to the beach. And that one day, we had a connection.

I woke up at 5:00. got in the car at 5:20. I was tired, and not to mention, I had not slept at all. on our way to the beach, we stopped at the gas station for some snacks, I grabbed some Cheetos and Gatorade. I was lucky I took my phone since there was no signal all I could do was call strangers, and that’s what I did. once we got to the beach, it was HOT (i mean, obviously). I had remembered that I was in leggings. I’m pretty stupid if you didn’t notice. I went to the bathroom and changed into my swimming suit.

I stayed on the beach for a couple of minutes then came out to eat food. After a couple of minutes, SHE sat on the sand with her 5 other siblings.

As she sat on the sand, I ran into the water, like there was someone following me. after a while, they finally came into the water. Don’t you think we saw each other right away, it took us a while to talk. I tried to skip some waves as they did as well. it was like we were there together, we just didn’t talk. After a while, some of her siblings got out of the water, and I decided it was my time to talk, and so I did. At first, they kind of looked confused about what I was saying. but then SHE talked to me. I was nervous. I should actually give her some credit for starting the conversation by asking me “what is your name?” and I answered "bell"

I was pretty surprised when she said her name, Kaitlynn. something bad about me is that I judge people on how they look. I really thought she was mean or a person that judges you a lot.

but as we talked, I felt a small connection, we had so much in common, which made me more confident. we were the same age and the same height. and it probably sounds lame.

I really liked her personality.

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