Jason Swann

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Meet Jason Swann, he's a 14 year old teenager with only 1 parent. Come on and follow him on his crazy adventures.

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Home Alone Part 1

Chapter 1

Jason Swann woke up on a Saturday and lay in bed. It has been 2 months since his mothers death of cancer and it wasn't the best moment of his life. Jason sighed and dragged himself to the bathroom to have a brush and have a bath.
When he was done, he went downstairs and made himself cereal. He sat down on the couch and put the TV on.
"JASON!ARE YOU DOWNSTAIRS! I CAN HEAR THE TV!" His dad, John yelled from upstairs.
"YES DAD!" He yelled back.
John went downstairs to his son and saw the bowl of cereal.
"I see you've made yourself breakfast", he said with a smile.
"Yeah,?, he said.
"Alright, take care, i'm going to work, see you by 4:00 pm".
John went upstairs to get his bag, then headed out the door.
"Ahhh, another day when i have the house to myself", Jason said.

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