A Whole Lot Of Summer Camp.

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My parents have forced me to go to summer camp. They said that I needed ‘straightening up’. I almost puked at the sentence. Hi, I’m Lali, and welcome to A Whole Lot Of Mental Destruction.

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How It All Started.

The bus pulls into the drive away. I look at my faint reflection in the mirror. I’m surprised I don’t look like a wreck for once. My blue cap doesn’t have stains. My braids don’t have dozens of strands of hair sticking out. My hair color doesn’t look dark brown, it’s finally it’s normal color, light brown. My green eyes are expressing emotion for once. My freckles don’t look like makeup. I look at my clothes. My red shirt, jeans, and tennis-shoes don’t have any stains or wrinkles. I never though I could look like such a decent human being.

“Alright everyone, get off!” The grumpy bus driver shouted. I got up and followed after everyone. I tried to see if there was anyone I knew. Nope. No one. So I’m the only one suffering. Everyone who was at my school is probably having the time of their lives, water balloon fights, trips, and other stuff.
Everyone gathered and sat at picnic tables, waiting to be put in their cabins. Hmm.. where do I sit? Well, it doesn’t really matter. No one here knows me, and none of them ever will. I thought. I sat at a random table. I just looked down. I could sense that everyone else at the table was an outcast, none of them were talking.

A whistle blew and I turned. I guessed that the person who was standing alone was the owner of the camp. “Hey everyone! Let’s have an amazing summer!” He said. Is that all? “When I call out your name, go to your cabin. First, Bear Cabin.” He started. I tuned out his voice very quickly. I looked for the worst looking-cabin and the best-looking cabin. I was gonna get the worst cabin and if anyone I didn’t like that turned out to be here would be in the best cabin.

The worst-looking cabin was HummingBird Cabin. “HummingBird Cabin. Lali,” he started. I have such bad luck I can tell the future at this point. I thought. I went and stood beside the cabin. After the owner finished up with HummingBird he went onto Fox Cabin. “Fox cabin. Hanna,” he started. I was in total shock. Hanna has been my total enemy since we were toddlers.

I looked at Fox Cabin. It was the best-looking Cabin. My prediction was true. But back to Hanna. The only reason I hated her was pretty major actually. She beat me in everything. She even had a better family. Her making me fail led to me being ‘Loser Lali’ and I haven’t had friends since news got around she was way better than me at everything. Which, that happened in second grade.
He finished Fox Cabin after a few minutes of me thinking. “And that is all! Any remainders?” He asked. A single girl raised her hand. It was only her left. The owner looked around at the cabins. “You can go to the HummingBird Cabin.” He said. She got up and walked beside me so miserably I almost felt sorry for her. Hey, almost.

I looked at our counseler. Black, long hair that was down. Dark blue eyes. Slightly crooked teeth. I had no idea what to expect. “Hey fellow birds! Let’s unpack!” She said. Unpack? I thought they had everything ready for us! All I had was a toothbrush. Well, and some clothes. Everyone went inside the cabin. I slowly walked in, since I was already on a bad start, what was the rush?

I looked at the cabin. It wasn’t so bad, but it would get worse in the future. “I want this bed..” the left out girl said. It was the bed beside the bathroom. That’s weird, she should know it’s gonna stink within a week or two. I thought. I saw a bed in the left corner next to the door. “I guess I call this one.” I said. I was so lucky that these beds came with blankets and pillows.

I hopped right onto the bed. It was a bad idea. They were so hard they didn’t even feel like beds, they felt like rocks. Everyone seemed to be down with everything within a few minutes. All of us sat on our beds. “So, now that we’re done unpacking, let’s introduce ourselves!” She said. “I’m your counseler, Kendall.” She said. The left out girl went next. “I’m Nevaeh.” She said. Interesting name. Isn’t Nevaeh just heaven backwards? “Well, I’m Lali.” I said.

“And I’m Betty.” Betty said. Betty huh? She must make a lot of bets. I very quietly laughed at my own very lame joke. “On the first day there is an obstacle course, so you all better change into some clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty!” Kendall said. I looked at my clothes. Meh. I didn’t really care about any of my clothes. “Ready.” I said.

•~A Few Minute’s Later~•

“Ok, take off your shoes, because the first obstacle is–“ Kendall began. I tuned her out quickly. There was no point listening when I knew Hanna’s Cabin was gonna win first place. I took off my shoes and followed after everyone else. “Since I’m your counseler, I’ll go first.” She said. I looked at the first obstacle and almost fainted.

We were supposed to balance on rope, and walk all the way across. Under the rope was mud. I was pretty sure there was some worms in there. I looked back at Kendall. She had already made it all the way across! “Lali, you’re next!” She said. I can already feel the mud in my ears. I got on the rope. My balance was already shaky.

I walked a bit more. Good progress. Maybe I was actually going to make it. But Hanna was going to destroy me later on if I did. Step.. step.. I was almost at the end. But something caught my eye. Hanna was staring at me while whispering something to a real friend. The only ones I’ve ever had were only using me or stopped being my friend when I became ‘Loser Lali.’

I tried to ignore it and kept walking. Then all of a sudden..


I looked up. I was covered in mud. I would have just let me head fall down in shame but I remembered the worms. I got up, and Kendall helped me out. I looked in the mud. Someone had thrown a four-sqaure ball at me. I looked around. Everyone except the people in my cabin were hiding their laughs. “C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up.” Kendall said.

•~Thirty Minute’s Later~•

I had changed into new clothes and wiped off most of the mud. I think there’s still a tiny bit of mud in my right ear. “Lali!” Nevaeh said, running into the cabin. “Kendall said you could continue since you falling wasn’t an accident.” She said. I nodded. Actually, I was disappointed. I was already a laughing stock, and now I had to back out there already.

I just now took a moment to really look at Nevaeh.
Black hair only down to the shoulders. White glasses. Pastel teal shirt with words saying something about whales. Black leggings. Sandals. A bit chubby. About 5’4.

“Lali?” She asked. “Uh, Sorry! Let’s go!” I said. The moment I walked out of that cabin I could feel people wanting to look at me, but they couldn’t since, you know, the obstacle course. I could hear quiet snickering. “We’re on the last obstacle. Follow me.” Nevaeh said. I followed.

The last obstacle looked pretty easy. We were supposed to have some bandana tied around our thighs and run as fast as we could and not fall down. Not really a obstacle. But everyone looked tired and/or beat up so it was gonna be. “Ok, since Betty is the tallest, I’ll be her partner. Lali, Nevaeh, do you need help tying the bandana?” Kendall said.

I tied the bandana. “Ok, we’ll go first.” Betty said. They went halfway doing pretty good, but then they started to slow down and made a few mistakes. When they finally made it to the end my heart was racing. My emberassed think was only gonna get worse.

We started running, and very surprisingly we made it all the way to the end with no mistakes. “Ok, looks like everyone has finished! And the winners are...” the owner began. It was impossible for me to tune him out since he was obviously going to mention that witch Hanna. “Third place is the Cougar Cabin! Your reward is dessert for the next week!” He said. The cougar cabin people cheered. Gotta remember that they aren’t competitive.

“In second place is Bear Cabin! Your reward is dessert for two weeks and twenty extra minutes in free time!” He said. Bear cabin cheered. Gotta remember that they aren’t competitive either, and that Fox Cabin is obviously in first place. “And in first place is, drumroll please!” The owner said. All the counselors started stomping their feet. Talk about a bad drumroll. Kinda cringey too.

“Fox Cabin! Your reward is dessert for a month, an hour extra for free time, and you can use your devices for the rest of the summer! Only after hours though!” He said. The Fox Cabin didn’t cheer. They just went up, took the mini trophy that they also got, and stayed up there a bit longer to show off. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

•~Later That Night~•

The entire camp were hanging out at the picnic tables. Us HummingBird Cabin arrived late, of course, and got the worst table. Our s’mores were waiting for us, but some annoying kid had already stolen mine. I sat down and watched everyone in my cabin chow down and talk. “Hey, Kendall, Betty!” Hanna looked at each other and went over to her.

Nevaeh looked at me. What is she thinking? “You haven’t been very social. Or positive.” She said. “That’s just how I am. I have terrible luck, and everyone I’ve ever known hates me. Not even my parents like me that much.” I said. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” She said. “For what? You haven’t done anything to me. You even actually coaporated with me on that running obstacle.” I said.

“Well, maybe I can be your first friend!” She said. I hesitated. This could easily go horribly wrong. “Well?” She asked. I put my hand out for a hand shake, aka yes, I accept you as my friend. She looked confused. “Do you wanna arm restle?” She asked stupidly. I took my hand back. “Yes, I’ll take you as my first friend.” I said. “Oh, guess I have to study harder to understand you better.” She said, clearly emberassed.v

I laughed. I guess this is a new start. Maybe Summer Camp won’t be so bad.
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