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Time Travel

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Genevieve was involved in a fatal car accident which leaves her fighting for her life. The authorities ruled it as an accident. Delving deeper into the investigation there seems to be some evidence which suspects foul play snd which will eventually lead to the reopening of the case. Does there seem be a link between her accident and the sovereignty of Nigeria as a whole? Does she need time travel to unearth the skeletons in the cupboard of the government house? Who says Time Travel cannot happen in Africa?? Hungry for more???😚😀😀 Hop on board!

Adventure / Romance
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Genevieve drifted in and out of consciousness as she was wheeled into the hospital. A doctor ,two nurses and a lady ran beside the bed as she pushed to the operating


"Check her vitals" The doctor said checking her sides for any other injury asides the big gash on her head. Her clothes were soaked the brim with blood. An oxygen mask was put on her face to aid her breathing .

Her eyes fluttered as she tried hard to be awake and keep her eyes open.

"Its going to be okay Genevieve ... I'll be praying for you" the lady said sobbing.

"Hello miss can you hear me" the doctor asked

"Can you see my finger"

She was hearing voices.

See which finger?....why was Vivian crying... i feel so sleepy. She thought.

She felt water all over her face entering into her eyes. It was sticky and it made it difficult for her eyes to open. She lifted her palm to wipe it off.

When did water get so sticky? And why am i flying?

As she made to drop her hand down she saw a flash of red.

Wait was that blood?

Her heart start to quicken. It was pounding furiously in her ribcage .

Blood blood blood blood

She felt a surge of adrenaline pass through her body and the drowsiness clearing a little from her eye. She looked down at her body .

Oh my God!!

Her clothes were completely red. It looked like she had swam in a pool of blood.

"Miss you need to lie down" the nurse said

" No" she shook her head. " where am i?"

Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her head. Immense pain, one she had never felt before.

And then she lost her vision.

They reached the operating room and set to work immediately.

"Sorry miss you cant be here " one of the nurses tried holding vivian off.

"Genevieve!..." Vivian called out before the door was closed on her face and the blinds drawn.

The heart monitor started beeping rapidly.

"Blood pressure dropping ... her pulse is failing sir" The head nurse said.

"Giver her a shot of atropine"he said to the head nurse then he turned to the other nurses to give instructions.

" page Dr. Obi tell him we have a 311 code blue and i need immediate assistance in OR4 and call in three to four interns now tell them to submit themselves for a head surgery and you get me emergency surgical kit now!..."

Let me just rest for a bit. Genevieve thought.

" sir her pulse is declining !" The head nurse said panicked

"Give her another shot and attach her to ventilator "

Seconds later Genevieve's pulse and breathing started getting back to normal.

The doctor breathed a sigh of relief as he waited Dr Obi , he began taking care of her body injuries.Dr Obi was the best neurosurgeon in Nigeria and even in all of West Africa.

Am i dead ? Why is it so quiet ? Why cant i feel anything...no i cant die now... no!

"Genevieve!" A voice called out...there was a bright light shining from afar...

" come to the light Genevieve " the voice taunted...

"I cant see you!" Genevieve said

"Here take my hand!"


Suddenly the monitor screamed a single tone.

"What's going on!?"The doctor shouted

"Sir she's gone into a cardiac arrest... she's flat lining".

"Defib" the doctor said stretching his hand out as someone handed him a defibrillator "charge to 120...clear...again...clear ..." he put it on her chest her body rising and falling as he tried to revive her.

Then suddenly the heart monitor started beeping steadily. Everyone let out the breaths they were holding . Just then Dr Obi and the interns hurried inside . He was put into his gown immediately and his glove was worn on him.

" Alright everyone...this is a very fragile procedure..i need maximum comportment and professionalism...prepare for surgery ...time?"

"11:52pm sir"

"Lets begin."

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