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Time Travel

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Chapter 1

Genevieve's parents sat in the waiting room holding unto each other for support.

Amara, Genevieve's younger stood beside them looking lost. A car accident?...Genevieve was the most careful person she'd ever seen drive. She never oversped. From what she'd heard the driver of the vehicle had been driving past the speed limit and the car had somersaulted Six times.

She looked up as her elder brother, Chukwuka walked in with blood shot eyes two policemen behind him.

"They wants to talk to us dad" he said.

Their father nodded his head and made to step out with them. Amara made to join them as well.

"Amara stay with mum" chukwuka said

" No i want to hear too" she said.

"Amara this is not the..."

"Let her come" their father said leaving no room for arguments.

They stepped out of the waiting room to the hallway to talk.

" Good evening Sir , my name is Inspector Amaechi Amos and this is my colleague Joseph Muna" the first police introduces himself and his colleague as they shook hands with Genevieve's father.

" Mr. Benson Alozie please to meet you both".

" My colleague and i would like to tender our sympathy with you on what happened to your daughter tonight. We've taken statements of the those who witnessed the accident and we have investigated the crime scene. The vehicle had a brake failure as a result of overspeeding so they weren't able to hit their brake on time when another vehicle was approaching. They tried to avoid the other vehicle but as they swerved the brake failured occurred resulting to the accident. So..."

"Wait did you say 'they'?" Mr Benson asked.

" yes sir they were two involved in the accident sir"

Mr. Benson's face contorted in confusion.

" sir your daughter was not the driver of the vehicle "

Inspector Amaechi Amos said.

" you mean someone tried to kill my daughter?" Mr Benson was fuming. He was replacing his sadness with anger. Things were out of his control and he needed someone who he take his anger out on. Whether it was an accident or not.

"No sir your daughter wasnt..."

" who is the other person!... I need a name!"

"Dad!"chukwukwa chided putting both hands on his shoulders and Looking him in the eye . Showing him the raw hurt and sadness he felt. " this is not the right way to do things. Genevieve is not the only person hurt . Dont take this out on another family they are in pains now too"

Mr. Benson closed his eyes as guilt and shame coursed through him. His daughter was in a car accident, would she survive? . His poor baby girl.

" who was the other person ... where is that person now"Amara asked.

" His name is Ayodeji Mikun. He did not survive the accident." Joseph Muna said solemnly.

" no no no...no! are you sure? ...this can't be!" Amara shouted crying deeply. She sat on the floor crying her heart out .

Ayodeji ,dead? . What would she tell Genevieve when She sees her. Thats if she would ever see her sister. Chukwuka tried so hard not to cry. For now he would be the rock of the family. For now. Ayodeji was his sisters fiancée and a close friend of his. He would grieve but not now.

After thanking the police officers and discharging them. He went to check on his sister she was given a sedative after she became hysterical and she was admitted.Their parents had gone home after severe persuasion. He sat down in his Amara's room exhausted . He glanced at the wall clock and sighed. 5:00 am its been seven hours and he hasnt heard any news. No nurses had even been running around. The anticipation was killing him. Any news , something. He yawned exhaustion creeping into his bones. Maybe just a little nap. He definitely needed that.

" Sir...Sir" he jolted out of his sleep as someone shook him gently. It was a nurse . He shot to his feet immediately, dread and anxiety coursing through him.

"Whats going on...Whats the status of my sister.?"

"You'll have come with me sir...the doctor would like to see you" she said and started out leading him to an office.

" you can go in now"

He checked his watch it was 12:00pm. He widened his eyes , he slept for so long. At least in his sleep he wasn't worried if any one was at the verge of death.

Dont think like that. He chided himself. He knocked once and entered the office.

" Good afternoon sir " he said

"Good afternoon young man, please sit"

" Sir what ever it is tell me i can take it" chukwuka said.

“Whats your relation to the patient?”

“ i am her brother, her elder brother ”

" very well then. My name is Victor Nyereng I operated on the patient with the help of Dr Obi i am sure you must’ve heard of him . The procedure was a very delicate one, and the injuries inflicted on the patient was not minor,she suffered injuries onyhe left part of her body. She sustained burns on her left arm and left thigh which would not leave a visible scar. She also fractured her left kneecap and her collarbone . But she suffered a very serious head injury and I am sorry young man we did all we could but..."

" what!?" Chukwuka screamed he jumped out of chair and held the doctor's cloth by the neck.

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