The Fourteenth Cookie

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11. Flour and chocolate

An enormous, happy smile appeared on the little boy’s previously distraught face, which made more tears roll down and land on the cookie’s broken-up pieces and her crumbs. He curved his palm to make sure that no liquid could escape and placed his free palm on top of it, to protect the now watery substance which was once the cookie, from anything else falling on top of her. He got up and started running, running like mad in the direction of the flat. He climbed the building’s stairs in a flash, opened the door, went to the kitchen and started searching in cupboards and drawers like a maniac. He was trying to find something, he was certain there was one in the kitchen. There had to be one. It was simply impossible to accept that there wasn’t one. There was in fact no way on earth there wasn’t one. And then he paused and he smiled. It was the biggest smile he had ever smiled, during his whole, young, little life. He had found it!

He took out a small metal pastry ring and with extreme caution, poured into it the liquefied pieces of the cookie. He reached to his left and found a bag of flour. He added a little flour inside the ring. He went a little further away, grabbed a small bag of chocolate powder and added a quarter of a spoonful from it into the mix. He lifted the pastry ring and transported it carefully, placing it inside the oven. He turned the oven on and placed his face right in front of it. It seemed to take forever for the oven to get warmer, but it finally did. The liquid cookie was beginning to react. In the beginning, it seemed as if it had come to a boiling point, but looking at it more carefully, the little boy realized it was in fact beginning to solidify.

The cookie got more and more solid. He was sure it wasn’t his imagination and after what seemed like an eternity but was in fact less than 15 minutes, the cookie had become completely firm. He turned off the oven and removed the ring from it, placing it gently on a wooden tray. He cautiously, gracefully, lovingly, removed the pastry ring and let the cookie cool-down. His face was right on top of the cookie and he was looking at her with so much hope that she’d come back to life. Nothing was happening though and the boy began to worry. Panic waves kept hitting painfully his already beat body and mind as more and more time passed and nothing constructive at all appeared to be happening. And then there was something, a tiny thing, at long last.

He could have sworn there was movement. No, it was better than just movement, there was a reaction of some sort, something was happening on the surface of the cookie. The little boy shouted at the top of his voice in excitement words of support, as if trying to pump-her-up psychologically, to encourage her to continue the effort. And it worked, it had worked. A faint little straight line was forming slowly on the surface of the cookie. A straight line which soon started to become more and more visible, more and more distinct, more and more pronounced, more and more clear, more and more definite. A straight line which little by little turned slightly curved on the edges, then a little more curved, until it finally became a smile, a true, full-blown smile.

The cookie, composed of her old cookie bits and pieces, mixed with small drops of blood and tears by the little boy, with some chocolate and flour added in the mix, had now an actual a smile on. More features started, little by little, taking shape. Two flawlessly round circles were formed and then…they suddenly opened! Two perfect, beautiful, sparkling, cookie eyes were now looking at the little boy. The same wonderful two eyes the little boy had seen so many months ago for the very first time. The cookie began to move and got off her back. She was alive once again. Alive and well and smiling and the two of them were lost in an ocean of happiness, their little hearts practically ready to explode.

The little boy finally yelled “You’re here! You’re back!”. The cookie, with traces of warm tears in her eyes, replied as loudly as she could “I’m here…back home…with you!”.


Wondering who were the men following them, why they were after the cookie and the little boy and if they had given up their search? What was the device placed in the cookie’s flat and the restaurant near the lab? Were the two of them out of danger for good? Would they manage to stay together? What about the company’s lab tests? What would they reveal once they were all finally completed and fully reviewed?

Read the sequel of the 14th Cookie, to find out!

Part II…coming soon!

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