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James Clifford

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First Mission -II

It almost took me an hour to stride through Wrizelling Woods, all dark with not even a single ray of light. Walking through the devastated and mangled side at the north side of island. My hands were shaking due to the weight that I have carried. All my satisfactions and calamity vanished, when comes the one in six through the side of the mountains. Plain land was left behind and there were only prodigious hilltops with deep and sallow valleys.

My feelings were like a survivor after a disastrous war. I can’t explain my feelings properly as I’ll give a hint that, how would you feel while carrying a luggage having rifle and some grenades along with gunpowder, holding it in one hand. A suede leather bag of almost 20 pounds on your back. That not all flocks, Climb mountain slope leading to a top more than 600 meter above the ground with no fence on the edge.

My hands begging for a little mercy on them. My eyes being tried shutting to remind me of bed time. Blurring vision, Legs started cramping, arms becoming pale and senseless. I really wished to teleport straight to the finish line. That was the only words in my heart and on my lips. I didn’t notice that my tongue due to dryness stuck to my upper hard gum.

Fortunately, the mid-autumn’s cool breeze begins to blow. The full moon hiding behind the mountain’s top appeared. Finally, at this stage of journey I felt as light as a feather. My wings of joy popped up. Glorious landscape with a faint bluish white light of moon hypnotizes my eyes that couldn’t prevent wandering around. Everywhere there was an utter silence and echoing sound of wolf from faraway warning from entering their territory.

This encourages me to continue my tough journey and not give up in despair. I tried my best to keep my intentions on the landscape rather on my tiredness. My caught upon blue horse; the lake surrounded by mountains and no ever reached its depth. I could see the distorted picture of luminous moon.

Lost in all these beauties, I forgot all my worries and tiredness. It glows my mood, not knowing I unintentionally my foot got slipped on a rock. That cause me to roll down the slope as a soccer ball till my rotational and transitional motion was stopped by hitting the side of the mountain. For an instant, everything was buried in faint luminosity than in whole darkness.

When I gain consciousness it seemed as if I slept for ages. My mind was really puzzled at that moment. I felt a severe pain in my back. As my vision got back to normal, I was astonished to see the triangular passage through the rocky hills. Only one person can cross it at a time. Then comes the tunnel; 4 feet deep ,10 yards long, then comes the it’s pop up on the other sides in our headquarters’ vast land. The goes under the 30 feet long straight stone wall.

At the time of my arrival, the only thing I remembered is that I was taken to physician who cleaned my wounds and advised me to take long rest. I was taken to my berth, where I slept as a man in a grave.

There is no doubt that all this makes felt truly like a grown man. I realized that day that peace in mind comes from achievements not a sound sleeps nor rest.

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