Willis twins 2

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Nikki went with Alice back to Alice's house so that Nikki can meet her real parents. Just want Nikki to stay with them but Alice and Nikki's parents don't want Nikki. But in the end I was at Nikki's parents discovered what a great and amazing child Nikki is and are regretting their decision of giving Nikki away so Nikki will stay with them and Alice and Nikki will become the closest sisters and even best friends.

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The big dreamer
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The Willis twins

Nikki went back with Alice to Alice's house because Alice want Nikki to meet their parents. After a long drive Alice and Nikki got to Alice's house. When they got there Nicki met her parents. their parents was very cross at Alice because she left for almost a week and brought Nikki back with her. Alice both her parents that she wants Nikki to stay with them and that Nikki was in the foster. Nikki to Alice and their parents. Their parents told Nikki and Alice that they don't want Nikki. And Nikki can live with them but Nikki can stay for a while. The next day Nikki went with Alice to school and Nikki wrote A Few tests in a few classes and Nikki got for all of them a plus and Nikki is a great sport. But she is a greater and better person she's very nice and calm and grateful. In the afternoon Nikki Nikki and hours and went back to Alice's house their parents cold Nicky and Alex that Nikki can live with them and they said they were sorry for for giving Nikki away and was rude rude and shut them down when they wanted Nikki to stay with them. And they said that Nikki was an amazing athlete student and a greater person and they love her and has always they just didn't realise it. And at the end they were a happy family of four.

The end

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