It’s a Creatures Life - The tiny pale Blue Bird

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Inspired by, Brambly Hedge, and little Brown Bear, these are short Educational stories, based around social life and Society. Are you feeling adventurous? Are you feeling brave? Well ... am not 😬 so am going to need you... as , it’s not fun doing things all the time on your own 😔. I’ve heard there’s a magical land that needs exploring it’s called the tropical rain forest and there’s..., these magnificent creatures that live there. come on it will be fun... Oh and apparently if you listen and watch closely but staying well back of course, you can even, hear and see what there up too. It’s practically like spying... but don’t tell anyone, oh and one other thing ... you have to be quite because we might get caught... So stay close, and always keep your eyes peeled.... This Book is Suitable for children ( 4 + )

Adventure / Poetry
Dominique Durham
Age Rating:

The Pale Blue Bird

On one glorious bright sunny day in the middle of the rain forest, a blue bird, is flying down from being up, up, up, high in the sky, swooping and cherping, down like an Eagle, into the tropical of the rain Forrest.

another bird, (a pelican bird) passes this pale blue bird whilst flying up above, the pelican bird notices that the blue bird, was travelling , a million miles, per hour, and travelling faster than the speed of lightning.

and could see that the blue bird was heading straight towards them, the pelican bird quickly realises that they have only a few seconds, before they get hit, and then, they will be , badly injured, so calmly and collectively, the pelican bird, looked around to get its bearings, to see which was the best option to move...

but where?

Up, down, left, right.

the poor pencilcan bird can not read, the blue tits mind, so...

The bird tweeted,

“Tweet, tweet, tweet, twerk”

And it translated into,

“watch where your going.”

As they were flying above and flapping their long strong wings, to the pale blue bird.

But unfortunately things can not be said for the pale blue bird as it was going , down, down, down, diving straight into the old knotted tree stump, right in the heart of the forest.

the thing is the blue bird, did not know how to stop, (they hadn’t learnt how to do an emergency stop yet) and before that blue bird could say...

“Tweet, Tweet,Tweet”

crash, boom, tweet, twerk!!!

The blue bird landed, bum first onto the ground in the stump of the old knotted tree.

As the blue bird was re adjusting it self, after that landing.

A furry black badger with the white spotted stomach was climbing out of his hiding hole, as the Badger was leaving its home it saw the blue bird.

The blue bird hopped, and hobbled, to try and escape, but it was a little bit to late, because this badger, was a hungry badger , and licked and smacked its lips, when he saw the blue tit.

The badger that was crawling on the floor towards the blue bird, got up on his black back legs and stood up slowly and faced the bird,

He then spoke in a monition voice:

“Oh I really must go and sort out my jaw, it is making me rather irritable, I say, am sorry to have frightened you”.

The blue bird stared at the badger and sat silently on the stump of the tree, as they was catching there breath back.

The badger however was bewildered ( confused) by the lack of response, so the badger looks at the blue bird, and senced that , the bird has travelled far and wide. So rather than pondering any further, to defuse the silence the badger spoke again, this time in curiosity...

“What brings you hear oh little one “

“I am not so little “

Snapped the blue bird.

The badger slightly baffled by the birds, snarly comment, looked at the origin of the bird, And quickly replied.

“What’s got on your tit?”

“Don’t mock me”

Replyed the bird.

The badger looked at the bird in a manner which can not be described.

“ Me mock you, I wouldn’t even mock you even if you was a mocking bird, why you so short with me, a stranger, no less, I was a care free, and may I say I was free as a bird to talk to you “

The bird cherpt it’s head, and flapped it’s wings in horrific thought that the badger insulted him more by using a common phrase.

“How dare you!”

“How dare I ?” The puzzled badger said.

“Yes how dare you”. said the angry bird.

“How dare I what?”

The bird was so angry that the blue tit flew away.

“Well then...”

Said the badger in a daze to speak, as he continues to speak...

“ I say, life is too short, for angry birds”

The end.

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