Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples

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A young man finally managed to become an immortal, a powerful cultivator able to lord over millions of souls. He took advantage of his tremendous luck and fortune to become the youngest immortal in history. He now wants to create his own sect and enjoy life, one filled with female disciples!

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1: Forming a Sect

In this vast endless world where countless different souls reside, the goal of all mortal beings is to triumph over their mortality and enter the immortal realms. But the simple fact is that few rarely do.

Mortals struggle from birth until death under the trappings of the three great mortal realms. The first is the Body Refinement Realm, where they bash their heads and punish their bodies in the name of refining their mortal bodies. The next realm is the Mind Focusing Realm, where they cultivate every cell in their brain, achieving enlightenment in the ways of the mind. After upgrading their body and mind to the peak, they unlock the ability to sense spiritual energy and enter the Spirit Initiate Realm. Here is where they must form and understand their own connection to the spiritual energy that connects heaven and earth and that which empowers all living things.

If one masters all three realms of body, mind, and spirit, they can seek to breakthrough in a certain path or Dao and break into the Spirit Lord Realm. Entering the this realm rewarded an additional one hundred years of life and allowed them to obtain the title of ‘Immortal’, upon which they would become the lord of millions of mortal souls. It is a thorough transformation of the body, mind, and spirit, shedding the shackles of mortality and entering a completely new realm of cultivation.

The Spirit Lord Realm is extraordinary and powerful but it’s merely the beginning of the journey to true immortality. There are still higher realms and these are called Spirit King, Spirit Emperor, Spirit Overlord, Spirit Master, Spirit Saint and Spirit Demigod. The Spirit King Realm gives approximately five hundred additional years of life. The Spirit Emperor Realm, one thousand additional years of life. Spirit Overlord, three thousand years. Spirit Master, ten thousand years. Spirit Saint, thirty thousand years. And finally, the Spirit Demigod Realm gives around one hundred thousand years. This final realm is the highest recorded cultivation ever achieved in this world but there are rumors and myths about the existence of yet higher realms and even True Gods.

Even though becoming an immortal was incredibly rare, within this endless, boundless world, there are still many, many immortals. Immortals tend to stay around for a long time as each successive realm extended their life more and more. As a result there are a surprising number of old powerhouses floating around the world. They create immortal cities and sects and lord over their domains. There are even associations and rules!


In the sky above a vast fertile land, a man wrapped in blue spiritual energy was flying around aimlessly. By accident he would run into flocks of birds, vaporizing them with his blazing spiritual cloak. Other times, he would aimlessly fly into a mountain and leave a man-sized hole.

Immortal Blue Dragon Chen Wentian was his name and he had recently ascended to the Spirit Lord Realm. Entering this realm was a supreme accomplishment. He assumed entering this new world would be a sort of liberation but it instead burdened him with a whole host of new problems and head scratching worries. For one, the Immortal Association mandated that all new immortals were required to form a sect!

Chen Wentian was only at the Spirit Lord Realm, a mere entry level realm in the journey of chasing eternal life. Despite being a low level immortal, he had already garnered quite an infamous reputation across the land. He was young, much younger than the average beginner immortal at only twenty five years old. He was a freak. To be honest, he must have slayed the luck god and stole all the luck, because the amount of times dumb luck led him to some secret manual or supreme treasure would make anyone scream in jealousy.

The problem with cultivating to the Spirit Lord Realm was that it took an astonishing long time. The vast majority immortals only reached it at the end of their life so they are all old as fart. Even the most talented ones would still be at least fifty or sixty years old. While they gained vast lifespans, they could not revert their physical age and were stuck at whatever age when they ascended. Their body functions were fine and they were still sexually active. They could also enchant their face and bodies to

look younger but those tended to fade at inconvenient times, like during sex. But the fact remained that they were just old!

The Immortal Association was made up of vast numbers of old and powerful immortals and provided a basic structure for organization and peace between human immortals. Chen Wentian scrunched his face in disgust as he recalled his ascending ceremony and the hordes of wrinkly old grandmas that propositioned him for sex. They all looked like hot twenty year old bombshells but he had prior warning about their true nature. Despite his rejections, these grandmas still named him ‘Blue Dragon’ due to his youth and his tender and tasty butt.

The association gifted him an entire region of land randomly on a map as a ‘reward’. In reality, there was always more land than immortals and senior immortals didn’t want to manage stuff and assigned the grunt work to newbies like him. Apart from overseeing the humans in the land and protecting them from monsters, the other prime directive was to create his own sect, to gather talents and potentially train more immortals.

In this vast world with a myriad of intelligent races, monsters, and beings, there were never enough human immortals to go around. Forcing new immortals to take on disciples was a simple ploy to potentially increase the numbers of immortals in the future. If an immortal could train new immortals, their master disciple relationship would still remain and they would remain a subordinate for life. It’s a kind of life debt owed to the person that granted them immortality. An immortal that was good at educating and raising immortal disciples would become a powerhouse with a unstoppable force at his command!

Chen Wentian understood all this and it normally wouldn’t be a problem for anyone... except for him. He had some secrets, actually a lot of secrets, that allowed him to power level to the Spirit Lord Realm. His secrets were so profound, so dangerous, he could not pass them to any disciples. If an idiotic disciple accidentally leaked his secret, it would be disaster...

The sect was a problem, but ever since the ascending ceremony and those fearsome old ladies, he was bothered by an even bigger problem...

He’d never had sex before!

That’s right, a formidable Spirit Lord like him was still a virgin.

Chen Wentian had a problem with women, particularly the kind that never gave him the time of day. When he was still young, he happened to see a princess of his home kingdom traveling in the streets. She happened to open a curtain to peer out of her carriage just as she passed Chen Wentian and he was left stunned and silly by her charming beauty.

This experience left a deep mark in his heart. It led to the stupid idea that he had to marry someone as pretty as that princess but his odds were stacked against him. He was never a handsome guy, with average looks that let him fade into the background. He didn’t come from a rich family and all the potentially good matches his parents set up were rejected by his shallowness.

His standards became more and more skewed as he raised his cultivation and traveled the world. He met more and more supreme beauties that were way above his league. He tried to chase them but was ruthlessly put in his place, often by hordes of princes, young masters, and geniuses.

He hated those dudes! But not once did he succeed. He lost everytime; in talent, cultivation, charm, looks, intellect, or all the above. They were all lustful and philandering beasts that cheated beautiful virgins of their innocence only to throw them away afterwards. He would never do that. Any woman he chose, he would cherish her forever.

Chen Wentian raced through his past memories and a plan started to form. The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. Find

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Since he was an immortal now, it was finally time for his counterattack and he could use his sect to achieve his dreams! He would save all the talented and beautiful female cultivators of the world. He would do it for all the women that he could not protect in the past...

He made up his mind, he would only accept female disciples!

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