How We Handled The Apocalypse

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I met her on an old building. There were zombies outside the glass door and windows, we were quarantined inside the room. The glass wasn't a good barrier from those hungry creatures and it shattered immediately after it was knocked down by a good pack of zombies. I panicked and the only thing left to do is jump out of the window. She was beside me and my instinct told me to hold her and jump with her. Our eyes met when I hold her arms, she's rather shocked and thought I was infected too. I opened the window quickly as the zombies eat over the people we are with. It was hurtful to see but times like this, I should care only about myself. Yet, I took this girl's arms and leaped. A two-storey building, so it wasn't that much force. We quietly ran to a building that seems to be no zombie around. It was a gun shop. I closed the door immediately after we were in. Surprisingly, there's really no zombies around here. "Hey.." I said.

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01 "She"

"Hey.." I said.

Her eyes were teary. I grabbed a wooden chair and told her to sit, in order for her to calm down. I'm really not fond of crying but I understand her. It's really shocking for me too.

This morning, the news came that a virus was spreading. We didn't know that it was this serious. An apocalypse. It spread faster than I could even expect. The whole world is in a ruckus. The riches tried to go out of the country but no, the government of other cities won't allow us to go there. The police, they are starting to turn zombies one by one. The world is in a total lockdown. No one is allowed to go out unless you are already. The ones with guns will kill you even if you aren't even infected.

I looked at her,

"We're fucked," she stared at me as I say that. I almost heard her chuckle.

"Well, yes. Apparently," she replied, smiling with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"You know what? We're lucky. In all of the shops we should've entered, we chose this... a gun shop," I laughed, "and I think this store is soundproof too, so we can talk normally." I added.

She nodded. "Thank you." She said, looking at me.

"For what?" I asked.

"For not leaving me behind. I don't even know you, I don't even know your name yet you saved my life, you saved me." Her eyes were starting to tear up again.

I looked at her knees that were full of bruises because of the fall. I got up from my seat and looked for the emergency kits.

"You are welcome. I don't even know the reason why I was eager to hold your arms. Like I was unconsciously doing it, thanks to my instinct though," I smiled ear to ear. "also, I don't think I can make it through this apocalypse alone. I need someone to talk to so I won't be cray cray."

I walked back to her seat after I got the medical kit. "We... need to take care of each other now. We don't have anyone in our backs anymore. Let's be partners in crime." I said while I was treating her wound.

Her toes were crinkling because of the alcohol and betadine I put. "You will be fine for a day or two."

"Thanks...?" A question like asking my name.

"Oh, I should've introduced earlier... Ingrid." I said and hold out my hand.

She smiled, "Tyra." We shook hands and stared.

"The news said, the zombies can only see vaguely at night. Once the sun is up, they're blind. I hope they won't evolve though, cross fingers."

"I don't actually watch television that much... I just hate how problematic the world is. There isn't much peace around the news, only hatred and such." She said.

"Well... we gotta watch news now for safety. And I hope— there still news." I laughed.


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