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Just some short stories, and sometimes scenes I thought of but couldn't place in a longer story. (Par example 'I Sea' is based on a dream I had. I wanted to write it in to a story, but I just can not make it longer, so here it fits perfectly.) Each chapter is 1 story.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Blue light

A bright flash of blue light blinded my eyes. Again. Then I fell.

Tumbling down with the speed of a meteorite I fell to the ground. A big green thing was in the way, on which I landed, gliding off the wet surface and slipping on and off three more of them before I luckily landed semi soft on the wet ground. Great. I stayed still for just a minute more. But I knew I had to go on. Especially because I got very wet from big drops of rain. I tried to knock some of the dirt off me before I would go on. It did not work very well. I quickly scanned my surroundings. No immediate danger. Good. What now.

Finding a safe space was the answer. I saw some leaves and a big, big tree. It got sooo high. Actually, everything is sooo high. Wait, the leaves are big. Like, me big. What does this mean. I did not know yet. I was to tired to think. What I did know was that I really needed that safe spot, so I walked to the tree, were I saw not a hole, but some root making a cave like impression. It was indeed a perfect place for now. I could not walk far as it was not deep at all, but i was dry.

I looked at my wrist. Whaa, 12 minutes? Are you shitting me? I was not happy with this. That was to short of a time to investigate this place. I always want to at least know where I am. 11. My pols showed in blue lines how long I got to be somewhere. I am so tired. I decided that if I am not even going to be here long I can sleep. 10...

I waked up being wet. I hate being waked up by wet things. It is just not a pleasant way to wake up! I saw only water, I was big again, I could feel it. Something my curse/power does is chance me. What i didn’t feel was my legs. I looked down with the speed of lightning when I discovered it. Ah, okay, cool. I had no legs. I did have an tail. My hands were also chanced. They had thin fleece between my fingers and looked longer. Breath! How do I breathe? I panicked until I remembered that if I hyperventilate now, I can breath. Relieved I looked around at my new surroundings. Wauw. It’s beautiful. Light shimmered thru the dark blue water on the intense green seaweed, which was everywhere around me. It was truly magnificent. And something I did not aspect was that I, I felt good. I felt safe.

I think... I found my place. I looked at my wrist to see how much time I had to spend here. My eyes widened as I did not see a thing. No blue numbers, no blue glow. Softly a smile broke my face apart.
I'm home. Finally.
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