Witches Academy

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A witch named shyly was adopted by a human family she comes of age when her powers show there self shes taken to the academy of witches in the middle of the night she gets 2 choices go and keep her powers and not attend and get them taken away what will she choose? Many adventures await her

Adventure / Drama
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Chapter 1: coming of age

Today is my 16th birthday and I'm so excited! I'm up and running aka I jumped out of bed and ran down stairs it made me a bit dizzy but that's ok it's my birthday! "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" She jumps a foot backwards "awe guys thank you and youtheared me!" She sits down on the table were there is a beautiful cake that says 'Happy 16th birthday Shyla' and on the sidmirror...presents from every family member and a few friends "thank you!" She says they cut the cake and handed out the pieces, and she got the biggest piece after they ate the cake they opened each present one from grandma a t-shirt that said 'it's my birthday!' She folded it and put it aside opened one from her mom a new phone she hugged the phone in excitement with a big smile on her face she. Then she opened her dads present inside was a black leather jacket she's been wanting she leans over the table and hugs them as tightly as she can and says "thank you!" She sits back down and her mom says "if you wish you can take the rest to your room"

"Oh ok thank you" she says then runs to her room with all of it she puts on the shirt that says 'its my birthday' turns out it was a crop top it fit her perfectly it fit her all her curves perfectly she then puts on a black skirt and the black leather jacket, the jacket fits great she then puts on her ankle boots with a heel in the back and twirls in the mirror.

She grabs her phone of the charger leaving the presents from everyone else to open later. She runs down the stairs and yells to her mom and dad "I'm going to go see Isabella" as she runs out the door she hopes onto her bike and rides to Isabellas house

She makes it to Isabellas house and hops of the bike she turns expecting it to fall but when it didn't she thought someone stole it from right behind her. She turns around with a gasp it was standing on it's own that was not Normal she looked around the bike and the stand wasnt holding it up. She stared at it in awe | how is it standing on its own| she thought when she heard the door of Isabellas house open she looked up then looked back down at the bike but it was on the ground "how" she mumbles "huh?" Isabella says

"Did you see that?" She says

"See what Isabella asks?" Isabella says

Shyla shakes her head "nevermind" she runs into the house were Isabella is waiting

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!" Isabella yells

"Thank you!" Shyla says

Isabella gives her a small box

"What is this?"

"Its a little birthday present open it open it!" Isabella says with enthusiasm

She opens it and theres a necklace with the word best on it, it looked like half of a broken heart that's when Isabella takes out a necklace the other half of this one

"Know we will always be friends even apart" Isabella says "awe thank you!"

Time past fairly Quickly she back home know

Shes getting ready for bed when she hears a crash behind her she spins around but it's nothing she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath probably nothing she thinks finishing putting on her Bunny pajamas. When she turns around she jumps to see a floating lady "W-who are you"

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