The Gift Of The Elements

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Chapter Sixteen


I heard the terrified shriek of a girl but I tuned it out. I won’t lie and say the scream didn’t have me curious but finding Ella was much more important to me at the moment.

However, what I heard next had me sprinting in the direction of the scream. It was a deep growl that I would recognize anywhere, it was a militabus.

Militabus only attacked people with some trace of a EMs sent on them. Since the scream I heard was female, there was a very good possibility it could have come from Ella.

I reached a small clearing and what I saw left me filled with disappointment. There was indeed a militabus but the screaming female was not Ella. Instead I found a small child with blond hair and a faded pink dress.

At first I could not figure out why a militabus would be attacking a child, but then it dawned on me. Judging my the horrified looks on the group of humans faces who have followed me after they heard scream, this must be one of their children. That must means this child was around Ella at one point or another.

The miliabus was not after the child, but after Ella. Her sent must still be on the child which causes the creature to attack.

I can’t believe I was about to do this, but if there was a chance Ella was fond of this girl I couldn’t risk her getting hurt and making Ella mad. I needed her to be on my side after all.

With a heavy sigh I drew my rapier and swung at the beast, cutting it clean in half. Militabus weren’t particular strong, but for a small child, or someone with no combat training they could be a problem.

As the creature dropped to the ground with a thud, the child looked up at me with wide green eyes. You didn’t have to be a vampire to see the fear oozing out of her every pore.

One of the men rushed forward to comfort the little girl and the other drew his weapon and pointed it at me. I let out a heavy sigh, I really didn’t want to deal with these humans but at the moment they were my only connection to Ella.

“Put your damm sword down,” I brought my hand up to massage the crest between my eyebrows. “I can guarantee that was not the only militabus around here and unless you want to be its next victim, we need to get a move on.”

“Whose we?” The boy I’ve come to learn as Lucas snapped. ”You are going to stay far away from us while we figure this problem out by ourselves!”

I forgotten just how aggregating humans can be. I could already feel the headache setting in, I didn’t want to deal with these rodents any longer than I had to.

Just as a few rain drops start to fall from the sky, I gather the last of my composure and let my voice ring out powerful and full of authority.

“You clearly do not know what you are dealing with little human, I would love nothing more than to leave you to a hoard of pissed off militabus but unfortunately, I require you alive. I have spent far to long looking for the girl you cast aside like a piece of trash. If I didn’t need you to gain her trust, I would have killed you long ago.”

Once I was done with my rant, one of the members of group F came rushing through now poring rain at vampire speed. Jugging by the look on his face, he must have some pretty serious news.

“Prince Julian!” The nameless vampire spoke to grab my attention. “We think we have located the EM, but you must come quickly. We believe she was attacked by a militabus and is severely injured!”

That news caused any anger I had left imminently disappear. Instead it was replaced with something much, much worse, fear.

I quickly barked an order to one of the other group F members to keep an eye on the humans and ran with speed only a vampire could use after the messenger.

Trees wizzed by so fast that they were only in my field of vision for a nanosecond. We were effortlessly moving faster than the speed of sound. I could easily doge in between rain drops and I watched as the sky light up as lighting struck someplace in the distance.

Thousands of questions were rushing through my mind. They ranged from what she looks like to how bad her injuries were. Everything seemed so surreal. It was like I lost control of my own body and was just a mere spectator to the events going on around me.

For years, I have thought about the day that I would finally find Ella, now that it was here I couldn’t stop my mind from wondering. I always imagined that she would possessed beauty and grace that was out of this world. After all, if she possessed the spectacular powers our history books claimed she did, it would only be fitting.

However, once the messenger vampire led me to a bloodied battle scene, all of those thoughts fled my mind leaving me in a state of shock.

Claw marks belonging to none other than a militabus were etched into trees and carved into the dirt. Ripped fabric covered the war scene that must have once been cloths or bags at one point. Blood was spattered every where and judging by the appetizing smell, it must have belonged to a human.

In the center of the carnage was a young girl no taller than 5′8. She was incredibly skinny, I could see her ribs poking out of her skin through her torn cloths. Her black hair was knotted and greasy, and her eyes were closed tightly in pain.

She was making small moans of pain that brought my attention to her injuries. She had a big bleeding gash on her stomach and it looked like her chest has been clawed up. The side of her head was bleeding and looked like someone or something tried to smash it in.

Vampires from group F were trying to administrate medical attention, but even on death door she was a fighter. She was kicking and swatting at the vampires, probably thinking they wanted to hurt her.

What caught my attention most was her tight grip on what looked like an old book and the scorch marks off to the left of her. The book she was holding must have been an EM users spell book and Ella must have set the militabus that was attacking her on fire. There was no denying her incredible strength.

If there was ever any doubt left in my mind, the scene in front of me diminished it. Ella was one hundred precent an EM user, proving they still exist.

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