The Gift Of The Elements

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Chapter Seventeen


The creature lunged at me with a shriek and I just barely dodge out of the way in time. However, my small victory was short lived when I put too much weight on my injured leg and went tumbling towards the ground.

The monster took this as its opportunity and took a swipe at my stomach and managed to get in three good claw marks. I hissed in pain as its claws ripped the fabric of my shirt and pierced my flesh.

I was loosing a lot of blood and fast. I needed to think of something quickly. I noticed a few feet away my bag tipped over and spilled all of my things in the dirt. Including that old book.

With the last of my strength, I pushed the beast back a few feet and dove for the book. This book has caused some miracles in the past and I was hoping it could make one more. I flipped the book open to a random page and didn’t waist time looking at it before I started reading.

"Cor ignem mittunt auxilium." I managed to mumble out. I didn’t have enough energy to turn around and see what was happening but I did see bright orange light coming from the direction of my attacker. horrendous screeches filled the air mixing with the crackling nose of a fire.

Soon the noise died down and the light faded. I was struggling to keep my eyes open, I didn’t want to fall unconscious in the middle of the woods where I would be venerable to any predators that wandered by but it didn’t look like I had much of a choice.

Just as I was getting ready to let the darkness take over, I heard multiple pairs of foot steps rapidly approaching. They started shouting and I begrudgingly forced my eyes back open. What I saw sent me into a full on panic.

At least five vampires were slowly starting to surround me and eyed up my bleeding wounds. To make maters worse, these weren’t your average, every day vampires. These were more guards from Amia Kingdom.

They were shouting for someone named Prince Julian as they slowly started stalking around me, forming a circle. I was scared out of my mind and hugged the book that has saved my life many times before closer to my body. There was no way I had enough energy left to try to pull off another stunt like I did a few minutes ago.

One of the vampires started to stalk closer to me ever so slowly. He had light brown hair and red eyes that caused the adrenaline in my veins to start pumping a little faster. When he was only a few steps away from me he took his sword out of its holster and placed it flat on the ground. He then held up his hands in a surrender position and tried to talk to me.

I couldn’t make out a word he was saying. Everything sounded like it was underwater and my head started to feel fuzzy. The vampire slowly stalked closer until he was within arms reach. He carefully extended his arm and reached for the book I was so tightly clutching to my body.

I started to panic and thrash around, causing the vampire to retract his hand and try to start speaking to me again. When he got no response out of me, he turned to speak with the others he had brought with him.

I was hoping they were discussing leaving but I knew that was very unlikely. They were probably trying to figure out the best way to drain my blood.

Before I could comprehend what was happening, they launched at me. I did my best to fight them off but deep down, I knew this was an impossible fight for me to win.

I was so distracted trying to fight off the vampires near me, I didn’t even notice that one of them has run off only to return a few moments later with another vampire.

This new vampire looked different from the others. For one, he was not wearing the same uniform as the rest of them and he was far more intimidating. He had this kind of dark aura around him and I couldn't pin point what made him so different.

The other vampires slowly backed away from me as he approached. I have never been more scared in my life. He slowly reached into his backpack and pulled something out of it. My vision was starting to get far too fuzzy from the lack of blood loss to be able to see clearly, but it looked like the intimidating vampire was holding a white case of some sort.

I never found out what he was holding, because unfortunately, the darkness won and I blacked out.

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