The Gift Of The Elements

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Elemental Magic

Chapter Eighteen

I could hear multiple pairs of footsteps rushing around me. I tried to open my eyes and see what all the commotion was about but it felt as if someone has glued my eyes shut. No matter how much I tried, my eyelids just wouldn’t budge.

“Heart rate is increasing.” A male voice announced above all the chaos of the room.

“Increase her dose of medicine!” A panicked woman shouted.

“If you buffoons don’t stop running around and this child dies, the prince will have all of your heads on a pike before sunrise.” A male voice I recognized from before I passed out.

What was going on? The last thing I remember was blacking out after...the vampires!

Did they bring me to whatever this place was? Why would their prince care if a single rouge human lived or died? What was happening around me?

Before I could think too much into things, I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder on my left arm. Slowly, I faded back into the peaceful abyss.

The next time I woke up everything was quiet. There was no footsteps, or yelling voices, or panicked whispering. It was peaceful.

I tied opining my eyes again only to be blinded by a blinding light. I let out a hiss and immediately closed my eyes again. I tried again but slower. I carefully cracked one of my eyes open and tried to ignore the stinging the light caused.

Eventually I was able to fully open my eyes. The first thing I noticed was that I was in a nicely kept room with white walls and tiled floors.

Something wasn’t right. I have never come across such a nicely kept building when I was in the forest, there was a strong possibility someone moved me when I was out. Where was I, and why did someone move me?

I was running through possible scenarios in my head when I heard the doorknob start to twist. My eyes scanned the room for a weapon of some kind but came up empty.

Before I knew what has happening the door burst open and a tiny body ran straight for me. The child jumped up on the bed and folded there-self into me.

“Maya?” I said confused when I noticed the small girl burry her head into my neck.

“I though you were gone forever Ella!” Maya exclaimed while tightening her tiny arms around me.

“How did you get here?” I asked the girl who looked up at me sheepishly.

She turned around on my lap and pointed towards the door.

“He brought me!” Maya exclaimed proudly.

I shot my eyes towards the door and sure enough, there was a man standing there.

He was tall, around 6 foot tall, and was extremely well built. He had black hair and was wearing fancy cloths. One thing immediately made me uneasy, and that was his red eyes.

I shielded Maya away from the man the best I could. He took his hands out of his jacket pockets and held them out in front of him as he slowly approached. Like he was trying not to frighten an animal.

“Hey, easy there.” The vampire spoke in a calm voice. “I don’t want to hurt you or the child.”

I scoffed at his ridiculous attempt to calm me. “And just why the hell would i take your word for that!”

“I understand you are frightened right now, that’s why I sent the child in first, I thought you might be more at ease with a friend.” The vampire said taking another step closer.

“I would be more ‘at ease’ with a weapon in my hand,” I spat at him, “And just what did you do with my weapons?”

“We’ve temporary confiscated them so you couldn’t attack us before you hear us out.”

“And just what would I want to hear from you!?” Whatever this guy wanted to talk about, I was completely uninterested. But what he said next completely changed my mind.

“I’m here to talk to you about your Elemental Gifts.” He stated calmly while my jaw dropped.

“What did you just say?” I asked still in disbelief.

“Your Elemental gifts Ella.” He said while holding up the old journal I found many years ago. “Surly you noticed by now that you are very different from other humans.”

“What do you mean by ‘different?’” I asked still skeptical.

“Take this book for example,” he said while flipping it open to a random page. “To everyone else, this book appears to be blank, but I know you can read it’s hidden text.” I studied his face, looking for any sign that he might be joking but came up with nothing. Was he actually telling the truth?

“I can tell you are having a hard time believing me Ella, but how can you deny the proof you have seen with your own eyes.” He set the book down on the counter beside him. “I know you know what I’m talking about. You’ve used your little tricks against my men time and time again.”

He was right. I guess deep down I knew it was me making all of those odd things happen, but I didn’t want to believe I was different. So I blamed the book instead.

“I know it’s hard to believe, but what you have is a very rare gift that is passed down through a family. It’s called Elemental Magic, or EM for short. I have been looking for an elemental magic user for a very long time. I thought they all went extinct after a wile of searching with no success, but all of that changed when one of my scouts ran into you all of those years ago.” The vampires words were soft, as if he was talking to a broken child.

“I will give you some time to adjust to the news. However, you shouldn’t leave this room. You lost a lot of blood in your last fight and are still recovering.” He said softly while carefully guiding Maya out of the room with him.

He was careful not to touch her, which I was thankful for. The door clicked shut and I was left alone in the room I once thought was peaceful, but now was anything but.

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