The Gift Of The Elements

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The Hunt

Chapter Five


“We have yet to discover any EM users, your majesty.” A noble vampire said from across the meeting table.

“Well, that’s a shame,” David is one of my most trusted class A vampires. I put him and his team on the task of locating and capturing EM users about six years ago. So far all of our searches have turned up empty. “You do understand how important this project is to us, correct?”

“Of course, my prince,” David said looking me in the eye. “We will not fail you again.”

“I have assigned you to this project six years ago and so far all you have been able to produce is a rumor about a young girl that might be an EM user. However, that was five years ago. You have yet to give me any results and I am starting to doubt your abilities.”

“My prince, we have known each other for many years now and I even consider myself your friend. If you give me more time I can promise you results.”

“I am going to hold you to that, David.” It is true that David and I are good friends. However, I can’t just let him have a free pass and if he doesn’t produce some results I will be forced to take action against him. “This meeting is over, I expect results the next time we speak.”

“Of course, prince Julian.”

We shook hands and I watched as David exited the room. I let out a sigh and stepped out into the hall. It was lined with red carpet and the walls were painted white. There were flowers in dark red vases lining the hall and we had guards patrolling.

As I passed by guards they stepped to the side and did a slight bow. I was never too fond of all the formalities that came with being the vampire prince of a kingdom called Aima. Vampire monarchies don’t work the same as human ones. In vampire monarchies, there is no such thing as a king or queen. Instead of a king, all vampire kingdoms are ruled by a head prince or princess. If they have children then the children get the title of second prince or princess.

I became head prince of Aima about eight years ago when my father was murdered. He was two-hundred and sixty-five years old and has been ruling this kingdom for over one-hundred years. To this day I still have no idea who did it but it has been assumed that it was the same creature that killed my elder brother almost seventy years ago. Almost eminently after the body of my father was discovered vampires were looking to me for orders. I was only eleven at the time and I had no idea what I should be doing. However, I am now seventeen and I am starting to get the hang of this whole ‘head prince’ thing.

As I navigate the maze-like halls I passed by paintings of my ancestors. In a royal vampire family, there has never been a member that was formerly human. There is no law against Turnlings becoming a part of a royal family but most vampires tend to look down on most former humans. Vampires see them as abominations and think they should not exist. They simply have no business in vampire affairs.

As I approach my chambers I am greeted by two of my guards. They don’t say a word and instead just bow their heads and hold open the doors for me. As I step inside my bedroom I let out a sigh. I have been trying for years to prove to other vampire kingdoms that Aima has more power than they could ever dream of having. Atlas all I have to show for it is a silly rumor about a young EM girl that would hardly be a child any longer. For all I know the rumor could be false and I have just been wasting my time. Yet again if the rumor was true there is a possibility that the child could have died a long time ago.

I walked over to the mini-fridge stored in the corner of my room and took out a thermos full of blood. I plopped down on my bed and took a sip. Cold blood was never as good as warm blood but I was too hungry to care at the moment.

I laid back on my bed with my feet dangling off the end. I was staring up at the roof of my canopy bed pondering my situation with the EM rumor. I was going to continue my search no matter how many more years it took me. I had to believe the little girl from those rumors was real and she was alive. The question in my mind wasn’t ‘if I find her,’ but ’how will I find her.” The man from David’s team claims the girl was about nine or ten at the time he found her. That should put her at about my age right now. He also claims she had black hair, dark green eyes, and pale skin.

Not that that will help much, I didn’t even have her name. There are probably thousands of teenage girls matching that description in my kingdom. Aima’s land stretches over sixty-hundred thousand miles and is located in the south-east part of what once was called the ‘United States’. I might have to try putting together more search parties because Davids was just not cutting it.

I got to my feet with a groan and walked over to the balcony attached to my room. It was well past midnight and vampires were hustling around the castle doing their various jobs. It was a cold winter night and I could see my breath on the frosty air. I was leaning on the railing of the balcony with my eyes closed listening to the servants and the noble vampires rush around below.

My next words came out so soft it was almost lost in the wind.

Where are you, EM?”

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