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Chapter9 angela

My mom she is one of the sweetisred in are family and dusented dersever the hate my dad gives her i mean she cleans cooks and on top of that she takes care of 5 kids mosted have prodlems she is one of the strongested and dosent care wont any one says a bout her oh anf on top of all of that she also tak3s cate of a realy hiper dog i mean if that is not aunther i dont k ow want is she trys her bested and can be torn bown but i know she always gets back up.

To me and my twin she dosent derseve my dads hate so we allways asay she should leave him and move on with life yea she have to work but we can all help that when my dads stop put that gurls are the ckears and the men are just that bested when rilly there not we are all we have learnt that my mum is strong,smart and inderpendet and 8 would mot chang that for the world.

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