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Chapter11 fights

We all fight and we all make up for it but we dont rilliser the peopel a round us and if were hurting them parents fight a lot and some times it get fisical and well o hurts my mom my siblings and me beacuse well the one oh dose hands on is my dad the lasted fight he pushed my mum down a hill but lucky the hill was small and she was fine but it hurt see she has back problems and when she gose to fased down some thing her back and go and stifen up and it will become pain for her any ways that day she sent me my older sister,brother and twin out for a walk so she can cry will isavel was in her room justed talking to friends like nuthing has justed happend.

Me i get in to a lot of fights at school but i never get kort because as some as the teacher comes a grab the kid and hide then make a plain so we dont get in trudal and then we cary it out yes teachers get us but they never find out ulrss they read this oh well any was i fight to let out my anger from seeing my dad hurt and brake are family appert i rill gust wish he would justed go a way some days and uthers i justed ont to knock him out and lock hime in a jail sell so he canr hurt her any thing i leand in school is that dont fear the truth and that rilly inspiered me to write this to tell the world that you dont need to hide from the truth.

Ok fun fact so my phone with a phone case on it,it is a litral brike so one day i was early to school and this kid called harry started to piss me off so i hit him ofer the head with it and well thay day i got cort it was good tho he pissed me off so he got what was comeing so girls there is a wepon thats all ways on you.

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