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Chapter12 hate

We all hate thing and well my hate is knid of wired see i hate alot of things snakes,school,family,happyness yes family and happyness because well family fight but mine fights all the time and some times they ever get hurt in the mean time and well i can never be happy ever at the best time yes i k ow im messed up but still i rilly just hate it and ive never told any one because then they try and help and well then there just make it worse so i just dont like it or evern if people are rilly happy a round me i just dont bother with them and i get depressed and i dont listion or look at them but they cant help it,its there brain that tells them to be happy and proud of it wilk mine brain tells me that i happyness is for weak people when rilly its for all people.growing up like this has put more stres on my sholders and i know thats not fear but i justed wish i was normal and not bifronti know thats weird but i just fill lije a lost boy from hook when petwr gos a way and it hurts that i hate my family the mosted i mean they act like nothing is wrong when every thing is.i just wont a happy life.

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