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Chapter13 hurt

The peron i wont to be and the person i am is two diffrent people the one i am usto self hurm and cryed ever night and the one i wont to be is a happy girl how ramuns a way from the sad odis i am people don't know how it fills to be the three person in my friend group were there peronist split up and mean will I still have to think a boit there self's it hurts.

I don't won't to tell any one because I don't won't huges and kiss I don't won't any one to worry about me I won't people to see how much it hurt and how muck I have to tell people the only hey I can go place with them is if I walk there or they take me home because my bum father hurt my perfecter mother but to be real I don't care what ever happens,happens you know but know I get to say in my home until college because then my hole family will move but it will be for the bested.

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