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Chapter14 family

Even know they all have there own chapters I still won't to talk a bout them like a family and what's going one to 13year old me.

So my dad ousted lifted us and I know he won't come back but that can be good and bad I mean know I can come out with out being hurt but know I don't have a dad and I don't know if I'm ever going to see him again even kniw that he is a monster but still his my dad and his blood is in my vains well not really but still his my dad and every one fear is how will my friends fined out and what are they going to do I mean the one I can trusted right know is Izzy my ex but she still is my bestes.friend when she isn't an ass hole but uea she's my bested friend and lily oh I never won't her to find out because then sill make a hole new story about how her life is harder but really couldn't care any more.

My mum is sad but she did say even know he hurt us tears will be shared because he is power family still and you know she's true even know I didn't care a sat and watched a movie and laughter but that's how I reals my self l even know every one is sad but we can move on.

Monday(20,july,2020) that's the date my mum told me and my siblings that my dad has lefted.

Thursday(23,july,2020) and mt peronts are geting back to gether and we are moving in a year to new caslt so we can afored a house and see my nan more and have a better life but were dose that put me I mean I have to leave my friends my girlfriend and my family is down here well my mums side of them family and in her family I only like my uncal and anti alex so I'm not missing muck but I am leaving my god mother and well a he in the best person I know she is also the nice's person I know I will be sad to leave the be the will visit and I will go to them too but for know I'm doing every thing for my family great know.

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