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Chapter2 friends

My friends seem kind at firts but they're realy not.

Karla kind but stand up for the wrong person.

Izzy bosse and thinks she is more inportant just because her family us over but it rilly isent.

Phoebe my girl friend and well she is the best but is scared to speak up.

And the worsted lily she is the perosn how end my lasted rilashonship and then made my ex cheate she thinks every prodlem of hers is corsed by me but i justed tell her no and to fuck off.

Josh i call hom my gay brother ever kniw he is half german but i dont care josh is gay and he is the best friend i can asked for but he get angrey to easy and the once how hurt him and dosent let me help.

Friends are ment to be your second family but they seem more then gost how hate you and wont you dead.

Im my exspires with friend i try not to get contordal around them because there just turn a round and stad you in the back.I had a friend how was born with cancer and she was my bested friend when i moved i spent 5 hours just to come see her but when i turnd 6 she died and her parents blamed me but i didnt care all i know is that she was some werw good and is watching me and helping me with life.I wish life wasnt hurd but i know that wont come true but i will keep truing and i wont give up.

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