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Chapter 3 sexuality

Growing up only going to riligers schools and thinking god was the best i thought i need more so i went exsperimenting with sexualiy and well i turned out bisexual and well i don't k ow if that is it but i know rilashionships are hard my first and ownly boy taylar i lifed in leconfild and well he lifed across the road from me and it jist happend we went out of a year until he end it for a girl called hanna but i wasnt mad they were perfected but i moved and know they dont talk to me but im fine with that my fristed girl izzy yes the one from the friends chapter we went out for 2 years i fell hurd but then lily started hang out with her and end it izzy said we're over beacuse she's moving but i saw her with lily and know my girlfriend phoebe she is the best and i know she wont leave me for some thing bum or because she is cheating because i know she is to kind anw ont hurt me like that.

When i came out on line to all my friends it was the bested thing ever and it went viral but there was people how called me names and if they notised me on the streeted they wand walk to me and scream telling me that i was nuthing and that i need to chang but i just walked a way it was hurd but i belt with it and justed belt with it.

I have not came out to my parents because well mt dad dosent like gay people and my mum well i fo t rilly know a bout her my twio knows and my older sister knows too but i rill wont my hole famoly to know soon but i said i wand do it when i move out so just i casue i had sone were to go is hard and i can get better so keep trying.

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