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Chaptet4 arhtur

Arhtur is my brother well his my only brother and he is the youngested out of all of us and well leys say theres a lot of us but that dosent rilly mean that my brother cant be a little bitch all the time but me brother is the thr favourite out of all of us but he dose do one thing that is rilly nice he will run to me after school and hug me but then gets bored and runs a way to fight me dad or to tell my mum he loves her the 100th time but i dont blame him because as im writing this well yea writing this he is only 9 coming up 10 around Christmas.But he is just wired every day he will try and run ib to my room and scarer me will im on face time to friends or my god sister he never understands wo t no meant like when i tell hi no amd go away he will just sit and look at me like a dog speaking a bout dogs he his the most crawl iat to my dog cookie he pickes her up and throw her on his bed or the couch and hold her so she wont run and then i have to fight him to let her go well thats is for arthur hows nexted.

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