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Chapter 5 frankie

Fracesca /frankie is my twin me hand her get a long rilly well but some times me and her just have auth of each uther and dont get me startee on her friends and how many boyfriends she hand and will i was writing this she had one called harvey he was the worst out of all of them if frankie didnt call or texed him he would go mental and call and texed me like bro chill she dosent wont to talk to you right know there cute an all but i think they need to brake up i think he is to clingy.Friankie likes to fight alot she fights with this one kid called fredy i call him big round thing anyways she fights him because he thinks its funny and that his being the best guy ever when rilly she wonts to just punch him.

Out of ever thing she dose the main one is she writes im not allowed to see it but she would spend hours writing and then would look at me and aked for me to get food for her are she would g8 get some thing and lock her laptop (what she writes her stories one) but she never seemed to notice that she shares aroom with me so will she is doing her stories she would be listening to music and it is loud but its fine any how thats frankie hows nexted.

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