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Chapter6 Isabel

Know we have the hor the slut my sister isabel/izzy she is the sister hiw tryes to be funny but is justed a bumass she usess my brother to get famous on tiktok but it dosent work not because of my brother but because of her hse wears the skimpest clothes ever legening and a bood tood but thats not all im in the uk so we have to wear uniform and it sucks because i walk around seeing her with her skert rilly hight and her top some times tide up to show her stumuc but i think it is all becuase of the people she hanges with and how they are all some wired bitcjes how have one perpers in live that is nuthing there not a perpers they stinker and when ever i see them they have a new boy friend she has this one friend her name is cloe and she is going put with my cusined and it is the worested thing ever qhen he cimes over with his family cloe h8s there and no one wonts to see them kiss andd huge all day.

To make is wores she did something that i hope she riges but i dont wont to say because im francle in darissed when mum or dad tell me if i do shit like it they would kil me do t blame them bit for all of that she dose need to change to be a bettwr 0erson and a better sister

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