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Chapter7 lilly

Lily is the oldest and my favourite out of all of my sidlings she is also and art girl but dmshe is rilly wired her firends a the same as her but when ever i see them they size me to them to see how is taller and well i win a 13 year old a gents 17 to 16 years its fear 8 guess lily also dose music and like to take pictures people say that we arw simerla but i gave up music to focus on thing i need for my future and i hate camras there so hurd to work.

But she is human so she has her off days were if we're to lound she will yell back and she will just slam a door in your face she is in college and is working to move out and fet a house with a fow friends is she ever gos...i get her bed and her room but with all sence i will miss her but i will not visit ecause she will have roommates so i dont wont to anoy them but she fine hows nexed.

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